North Carolina Sets Record for Early Voting

Voters Can Fight Back Against Election Fraud

"We have to be careful, we have to see what it is", Trump said.

Complaints of voter intimidation were especially prevalent in Florida, Georgia, Ohio and Arizona with a disproportionate share coming from minority voters.

"So many cities are corrupt that voter fraud is very, very common", Donald Trump previously said in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Other states closing their polls late include California, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Hawaii (11 p.m. EST), and Alaska (12 a.m. or 1 a.m., depending on the part of the state).

Absent on Tuesday were reports of the kind of hostile political displays, vandalism and violence that have cropped up regularly throughout the campaign.

Polls have opened across Oklahoma for the 2016 general election.

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First ladies often have been the target of their husband's political opponents. "Or, you could support Ted Cruz on Tuesday". Among the invited celebrities was Hillary Clinton , this year's likely Democratic presidential nominee.

The committee is running an independent effort to field voter complaints and questions.

"When they go down, it means that the poll workers don't have a way to look up voters in order to check them in so that they can start voting", said Pam Smith, president of Verified Voting, a non-partisan group that advocates for transparency in elections.

The Maryland State Board of Elections has provided a website where people can search for their specific polling locations by providing either their name or current address. Previously, some 33 states accepted an offer from the federal government to check their voter databases and reporting systems for vulnerabilities after hackers attempted to access systems in two states over the summer.

The GOP nominee can count only one mega-state - Texas, with its 38 electoral votes - as reliably Republican. You have the right to register on Election Day if you can show required proof of residence in that precinct.

"In jurisdictions formerly covered by the Voting Rights Act, voters saw 868 polling places closed, forcing too many people to travel as far as 25 miles just to be able to vote", said Ifill, who monitored voting sites in Alabama, where new ID laws were used. She says she voted a straight Democratic ticking, including for U.S. Senate candidate Patrick Murphy.

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More than 15 percent of early voters in Florida marked themselves down as Hispanic on voter registration forms. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has a 90% chance of winning, according to the latest poll .

While today is Election Day, residents in Minneapolis have been voting for more than a month, casting more than 50,000 ballots and smashing the previous record of 17,000 set in 2008, according to Minneapolis Elections & Voter Services. The judge agreed with a county attorney who argued that election officials already preserve records.

Tenuto realizes, however, that after Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump warned about election fraud weeks before Tuesday, any snafu or misstep in the voting process can appear to be evidence of a conspiracy to sway the outcome in favor of a specific candidate. Nevada is one of several states that allow early voting.

Voters also said they encountered problems with malfunctioning voting machines, highlighting issues with the aging infrastructure. The incomplete ballot had to remain their official vote, he added. These also are not a ideal predictor, in part because they only show how many people from each party have voted so far. She told Iowa Public Radio she was anxious that her first ballot would be changed to a vote for Clinton. And in such a close election, news outlets will want to wait a while before officially declaring a victor.

Voters typically head to the polls at three specific time intervals each election day: early mornings, business lunch hours and immediately after work. The offices you choose to vote for will be counted on your ballot regardless of how many contests you skip.

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