Ted Cruz congratulated a woman on having multiple sclerosis

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The Vermont lawmaker was questioned by a woman from Texas who owned five hairdressing salons. When speaking with a woman whom can not afford to expand her business because of the Obamacare mandates, Sanders replied by saying he believes she must provide her employees with health insurance regardless of her inability to even pay for her own health insurance costs.

Sanders conceded he didn't know anything about the hairdressing business, but that wasn't going to stop him from making these decisions for her. And basically, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever, but basically that was really, really critical to get for the thing to pass. I trust you, and I trust your doctors, " Cruz remarked, outlining his view of the fundamental differences in their approaches.

The problem with saying even merely "access" to health care is a fundamental, government-protected right, is that Democrats insist government must also provide the product to which access is guaranteed - either by managing health care itself or by controlling the industry to ensure health care is provided.

"What can you do, to protect people like me, who are alive because of Obamacare", an audience member asked. When breast cancer sufferer Neosha Ponderer expressed fear that she'd be denied coverage due to her preexisting condition, Cruz claimed all proposed replacements to Obamacare would "prohibit insurance companies from cancelling someone because they got sick". It's a awful disease and congratulations on your struggles dealing with it'. "Congratulations on your struggles dealing with it". "I don't think the federal government ought to be passing a law that doubles insurance company profits, and while those profits were doubling, what happened to the average American family?". One of Sanders' first points was to point to the socialized medicine systems in Canada and the UK: "If you were in Canada, you'd get the healthcare that you'd need". While Democrats could benefit politically from Republicans taking away millions of people's health care, any gains would be short-lived. That's absolutely right. That is absolutely right. You know, if you look at Medicaid, more than half the people who have been covered under Obamacare have been under Medicaid. He went on to say, "Lower prices, lower premiums, lower deductibles-empower you and put you back in charge of your health care".

While the two come from diametrically opposed positions on health care and the role of government, the fact is that Cruz ran against Obamacare from the right and Sanders ran against it from the left. He even made the statement that we should be "negotiating drug prices through Medicare".

Cruz agreed and said "of course Medicare should negotiate". They did not, of course, agree on much. Sanders vs. Cruz: The Future of Obamacare ranked No. 1 in cable news last night among adults 25-54, per Nielsen data. We got a lot better and a lot more than other countries'. It can quite literally be whether we live or die.