Trump says Obamacare replacement plan could take until next year

Younger woman in scrubs tending to older woman in wheelchair

It stands to reason that just as policymakers are likely to rescind the hundreds of billions of dollars in Obamacare taxes imposed for the sole objective of funding this massive law, they should similarly rescind the "hospital tax", specifically the hundreds of billions of dollars in scheduled reductions to inflation updates and the Medicare and Medicaid DSH payments that help Arizona's hospitals care for uninsured, low-income, and disabled Americans.

Republicans did not meet a January 27 deadline that they set up to end the law and Sens.

"We face a very complex, multi-threat environment", said Tim Size, executive director of the Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative, a group of 40 hospitals.

Last week Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tennessee, said at a hearing of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, which he chairs that he sees Obamacare as, "a collapsing bridge".

President Trump is optimistic that the "rudiments" of the proposed plan should be in place by end 2017 and is confident that his administration would have something concrete "within the year and the following year". For those who are neither on their parents' insurance or can not afford to pay the monthly fees to be covered, Obamacare has made it easier to be eligible for government programs like Medicaid.

However, the Congressional Budget Office noted that repealing Obamacare without any concrete substitute plans could leave more than 30 million Americans uninsured by 2026.

That is, they may not know it as Obamacare. Public support for it has never been higher, according to an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

"The day after the election, I went to my classes and there were (mixed reactions) but I think for the most part they were concerned about their future as health administrators", she said.

None of the Republican plans would accomplish anything close to what the A.C.A. has achieved. A study by the UMass Amherst Economics Department shows that 98 percent of households in NY would pay less money for better coverage than what they get with private insurance. It would also eliminate the expansion of Medicaid, the health program for the poor, disabled and elderly, that has covered more than 11 million new people. The legislation would essentially let states keep using the ACA if they want; develop a new alternative system that would be eligible for some federal funding; or opt against any federal aid. When we bought our house, we didn't like the kitchen.

Another approach is to chip away one provision at a time.

If the federal government repeals the health care law, the study suggested it would cost almost half of all of Arizona's job losses in 2018. States that did not embrace ACA now have poorer and sicker people and more people that are against ACA.

The Times called on Republicans to stop with the attempts to remove the law and "pull back from the chaos they have sown".