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DeVos Comes in Contact with Book for Very First Time


Betsy DeVos, perhaps plotting the demise of public education, perhaps thinking of Jesus nude on the beach, perhaps resting in the comfort of a vacant mind, perhaps about to puke. Pat Toomey's office in Station Square. In practice, however, the vouchers don't completely cover the cost of private education, and instead merely subsidize private and religious school tuition for wealthy students. Before Senate Democrats in 2013 employed the "nuclear option" for all presidential cabinet and judicial appointments except Supreme Court justices, confirmations required 60-vote majorities to prevent a senator strongly opposed to a nomination from stopping it with a filibuster. While he voted for DeVos - and touted her as someone who would "shake up" public education - he stressed that school choice really boils down to governing agents such as the Texas Legislature, local school boards and parents.

Jenkins says she called and emailed Sen. "I think people are going to see that senators, rather than listening to their constituents, listened to the dollar signs that they received from Betsy DeVos over the years".

Mrs. DeVos isn't a product of that monopoly system. But that changed after her performance at a confirmation hearing in January, when she stumbled over basic policy questions and left open the possibility that she would cut education funding, privatize public schools and scale back the Education Department's civil rights work.

Following the vote, Pence conducted a swearing-in ceremony for DeVos.

Trump didn't know what DeVos was nominated for.

DeVos is a member of the nonpartisan Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) which supports the SAFE Campus Act, requiring victims of sexual assault to first file a complaint of sexual violence to the police in order for the school to begin investigation.

"I think obviously we're not going to lose all of those funds, but even a 1 or 2 percent hit in a budget the size of Olean, which is over $40 million, would be significant", he said.

Sprague said DeVos's confirmation has been simultaneously troubling and empowering. As a devout Christian, she has inspired fear that she will try to push religion in schools. Recently retired conservative columnist Thomas Sowell penned a piece to make the case for her, saying that failure to confirm her would mean "a historic opportunity would be lost, and may never come again in this generation". I hope that that vote gets 60, 70 votes. Democrats say it's Trump's fault because many of his nominees have complicated financial arrangements and ethical entanglements they claim they have not had enough time to dissect.

Sens. Kamala Harris of California and Cory Booker of New Jersey both argued that DeVos is a threat to the public education system. "The champions and detractors of secretary DeVos are likely overstating the influence that the positon will likely have in practice".

"Sandy, and teachers like her, devote far more time and effort than is mandated to ensure that our public school students have a solid foundation in education and for life".

Amy Wells Dolan, associate dean and associate professor of Leadership and Counselor Education, said she is also concerned about DeVos's advocacy for K-12 voucher programs.