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Undocumented Immigrants Arrested Nationwide, Stoking Fears Of Trump's 'Deportation Force'

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He was promoted by President Donald Trump from being executive associate director of ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations, a position he served in for more than three years.

A series of arrests by federal immigration authorities in southern California set off protests in downtown Los Angeles Thursday night as demostrators showed their commitment to sanctuary policies to protect undocumented migrants.

"ICE'S routine immigration enforcement actions are ongoing and we make arrests everyday", the agency spokesperson said in a statement.

The result will be a massive increase in deportations, an increase in workplace and home raids by ICE officials and police, and the incarceration of hundreds of thousands or millions of workers for the "crime" of bringing their families to the United States to escape violence or look for work. He was arrested in Huntington Park and was wanted in his native country for aggravated extortion, ICE said. The agency did not address the specific questions asked about the number or types of arrests made. "ICE does not conduct sweeps or raids that target aliens indiscriminately", he said.

De León later released a full statement, in both English and Spanish, advising his constituents to know their rights and vowing to "aggressively" defend law-abiding immigrants.

Listen to the full interview above to hear the son of Maze's client, who also joined Stateside, talk about how he's helping his family cope with an uncertain future as they wait to see if their father will be deported.

In the meantime, local groups like the Metropolitan Savannah Hispanic Chamber of Commerce are trying to find ways to help those either left behind following raids, like children, or those approached by immigration agents.

In a conference call with reporters, he said that such actions were routine, pointing to one last summer in Los Angeles under former President Barack Obama.

"As a federal agency, ICE has jurisdiction and doesn't have to tell us when they are conducting operations in Austin", APD Interim Chief Brian Manley said Friday. Of the 160, ICE claimed that 150 had criminal histories, and that 5 of the remaining 10 had final orders of removal or had been previously deported.

One similarly large operation by ICE in August 2015 under the Obama administration led to more than 240 arrests in Southern California over a week. Immigration agents in Phoenix, Arizona, arrested Guadalupe García de Rayos on Wednesday.

FLORIDO: Ray Ybarra Maldonado is her attorney.

Marlene Mosqueda, left, who's father was arrested by ICE agents early Friday morning, talks at a news conference with her Attorney Karla Navarrette at The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles on February 10. She says another lawyer filed federal court papers to halt it.

Salas said the organization received an unusual volume of calls, starting at 11 a.m. on Thursday, from immigration attorneys and relatives of those who had been detained. Quoting immigration activists, the Post reported raids in Austin, Dallas and Pflugerville, and said there were also reports of an ICE checkpoint in Austin that targeted immigrants for random ID checks.

"Angelenos should not have to fear raids that are disruptive to their peace of mind and bring unnecessary anxiety to our homes, schools, and workplaces", Garcetti said.

"It's outrageous that ICE would go into the homes of hardworking people and tear them away from their children", Cardenás said.