The Real Rick Grimes Is Finally Back on The Walking Dead

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The dramatic start to the story begins with Grimes, a sheriff's deputy in a small town outside Atlanta, who wakes up from a coma and discovers the newfound zombie-ridden world. Eric has figured out that Rick and the others are planning to fight the Saviors, and he doesn't want Aaron involved. The aging horror-drama is still a cash cow for ABC - one likely to endure for at least five more seasons - but took a significant critical bludgeoning for its uptick in violence and despair in Season 7.

While Rosita cursed him, Rick refused to believe that he had turned on them. Because of reasons...that aren't quite clear. It's much bigger than anything they've seen so far.

Fans of the original Robert Kirkman comic books, on which the show is based, know full well that Morgan is put down by Michonne (Dania Gurira) after he is infected by a walker.

First, you can watch Season 7 on-demand on

I am happy to say, Josh, that they are off to a pretty okay start! And, thanks to a little help from Jesus, Daryl made it there too.

Season 7 episode 10 is expected to pick up immediately following the events of the midseason premiere that saw Rick being surrounded by a group of people who are heavily armed. We broke the apocalypse army glass ceiling, so show some damn respect! Or will a violent encounter with Negan be all it takes to change his mind?

Jesus Is Craftier Than We Think Now just where did Jesus snatch that from?

Glenn, helping to tidy up the prison
Glenn, helping to tidy up the prison

He also tells Rick it is time for you to meet King Ezekiel. Knowing it's the safest option since the Saviors are undoubtedly looking for him, the group leave him behind.

Rick leaves Daryl behind, like a sad, sad, puppy. Rick's re-reunion with Morgan, in addition to being as drab as the first, grants itself to a fantastic exchange between Rick and the king.

Rick and the group return to Alexandria just ahead of the Saviors, but the problems continue to arise.

Enid has a surprise for the group. With weapons that they obviously know how to use.

Despite Gregory's refusal to ally with the Alexandrians and go to war with Negan, several residents of Hilltop declared they were ready to join the cause. If they do win, they will have saved us and we didn't do a thing. After showing the group that he stole one of the Saviors' radios so they can monitor their movements, he tells them that he wants to introduce them to King Ezekiel. And more importantly we got to see bad-ass Rick and bad-ass Michonne rip through a herd of walkers with a steel cable between two cars. Simon proves to be a hilariously endearing villain yet again, props to Steven Ogg and his captivating performance as always.

'Alexandria already fought them once and we won. Ezekiel has proven to be a very successful leader, and his people have a great respect for him - something that is necessary in a war of this nature. While Morgan cautions Ezekiel against joining up with Rick and instead maintaining the deal with the Saviors to keep the peace, Richard is in favor of going against Negan, citing that the tyrant grows stronger with each day that they do nothing. How convenient, let's hope they're on the same side.