'The Walking Dead' comes back ready for a fight


Rick and company find that the pantry has been raided and Father Gabriel is missing. Please let him not be a coward.

The Hilltop's leader Gregory is douchy as per usual, calling everyone by the wrong names and refusing to show any signs of true leadership. Rick and the team ventured out to look for Gabriel, and they found themselves in what looks like a salvage yard. Yas, Enid, yas gurl! The joy of seeing his plan all come together, as he witnessed an army equipped with weapons Negan thinks have been stolen.

Perhaps it is because Ezekiel himself is not prepared and is hiding behind the previous losses the Kingdom has already suffered. Rick doesn't see danger; he sees new recruits. He's all like, what?!

Does Gabriel have something to do with this new group showing up? Carol warns him about traveling alone.

Anyways, Jesus introduces Ezekiel and his pet tiger, Shiva. How long until they make their final move?

What's interesting to see is he not only has complacency with the Saviors' deal, but he's also completely unaware of his own people's needs. The moment came by way of a tender scene between Aaron and his partner Eric, the latter of whom didn't want Aaron to put himself in harm's way any more.

The group returned to Alexandria just before The Saviours arrived to search high and low for Daryl.

The Kingdom... where they reunite with Morgan! Rick's all like, "Good idea", and Daryl is like, "Why does everybody treat me like shit?"

'And you told her?' Ezekiel asked.

The priest is smart enough to leave a trail of clues so that Rick can figure out where he's gone. Rosita says something rude as fuck to Sasha. I hope you are, too; I'm happy you're with us. Desperate for the explosives, they carefully disarm a tripwire and barely get out of there alive. And of course, a herd is on its way. The writers are correctly recognizing that by drawing direct parallels to current events, they may actually be able to save this show from irrelevance. As a matter of fact, they seem to have a mindset closely resembling that of the Governor. While the tension felt a little forced, it was nevertheless effective - culminating in an awesome visual piece of Rick and Michonne popping zombie heads by driving the steel wire across the horde via the connecting cars. Attention if you have not seen "Rock in the Road", this article will contain spoilers! What they pulled off was ridiculous.

Back at Alexandria, the Saviors visit, looking for the escaped Daryl, but he's been stashed away at the Kingdom. It's a group that has plenty of people and plenty of guns, and they end up capturing Rick and friends just as the mid-season premiere comes to a close. At first Rick is terrified, but then rightly realizes, "Sweeeeet!" These menacing strangers wordlessly trap them in a circle until Rick seemingly catches the eye of one off-screen and breaks into a smile - then the episode cuts to black. However, seeing as how Rick runs into a huge group at the end of "Rock in the Road", I believe there are a lot more threats out there. As Gabriel took the nighttime watch over Alexandria, we see someone watching him from afar.