Danielle Maltby -- 'The Bachelor' star Nick Viall: I knew something was missing

The Bachelor star Nick Viall sheds more tears in Episode 7

Unless Vanessa decides to quit and remove herself from the competition, she will nearly definitely get the ring at the end.

The news that Rachel - who got the "first impression" rose - will be the next Bachelorette means that she did not end up winning Nick's heart, a fact that fans had not known prior to the announcement.

This week's episode of The Bachelor promised the conclusion of last week's teary meltdown. Nick tells the ladies they're going swimming with sharks. However, Corrine thinks it gives her a better chance to win a hometown and she will stop at nothing to get what she wants.

Corinne quote of the segment: "I'd live in a shack with no diamonds for Nick". This week, after Nick sent home yet another woman, Danielle, Season 21 villain Corrine Olympios chose to stack the deck in her favor by offering Nick some intimate alone time. Vanessa gets the first one-on-one date and Corinne calls her a lucky bitch to her face.

"For me, nothing physical was going to happen because I had to focus on the other relationships", Nick continues.

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There's something Corinne would like you all to know: NICK. IS.

And one final time (apart from the After the Final Rose episode, probably, and our nightmares) we must heart that Corinne has a heart of a gold and a vagine of platinum. Oh no, this can't end well. They talk about hometown dates and Vanessa admits that she is falling in love with Nick.

If this season of The Bachelor has taught us anything, it's that Corinne Olympios isn't going down without a fight.

But don't count her out just yet, Bachelor Nation.

On paper, Danielle is the ideal Bachelor contestant.

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Girl wants Nick to go deeper, if you know what we mean.

Exhibit A? When Corinne didn't give two fucks about the other contestants and lured Nick to lick whipped cream off her boobs, of course. "Let's slow down, I don't think this is a good idea", the 36-year-old contestant said, and then went on to add that he did not want to make the mistake he committed in the past by sleeping with someone before he made sense of his feelings. She retreats, hurt. On Rachel's one-on-one date, they stroll through the streets of Bimini to what Nick, an expert, describes as a refreshingly non-touristy bar.

Everyone tunes into this season of "The Bachelor" because of the humor and endless drama Corinne brings to the show. I'm already more excited about Rachel's Bachelorette season than I am about never having to see Nick again after next month's season finale. If the news is true, it is without a doubt exciting. Nick picked up the date rose and offered it to Raven! (Nick being reluctant to tell Vanessa he loved her in week 7 is obviously a reaction to the backlash Ben received in his season.) Nick is clearly very interested in Vanessa.

Rachel Lindsay, who was recently announced to be the next lead on The Bachelorette, went on the final one-on-one date with Nick. There was never any real shot that Kristina or Danielle M. were really going to end up with Nick. It could also be someone still in the house - maybe Vanessa, trying to talk to Nick about their failed conversation on love. And most importantly, we'll get to meet Corrine's nanny, Raquel. If he'd left it at that, Vanessa would have gone away happy, secure in her assumption that Nick felt the same way.

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