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Secretary DeVos Right Choice to Address Education 'Crisis'


President Donald Trump heaped praise on Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on Tuesday, telling a listening session with parents and educators that she "showed toughness and genius" in a "a very unfair trial" driven by Senate Democrats.

DeVos' letter to Isakson was not enough for some advocacy groups, who also worry about DeVos' support for using public funding for vouchers to cover education at private schools that may not be subject to the rules of the IDEA civil rights law. Someone at the U.S. Education Department, now led by Secretary Betsy DeVos, does, too.

On Friday, protestors briefly prevented DeVos, a champion of controversial charter schools, from entering a public school in Washington DC. Opponents say she wants to privatize public education, though DeVos, who has called public education "a dead end", says she doesn't.

'I want to congratulate you on having gone through a very tough trial, and a very unfair trial. He then argued for an education agenda that includes expanded school choices for students to help "climb the ladders of success". Leave them to do the work in which American public schools used to specialize: namely, stuffing minds with knowledge and hearts with ambition.

For many like Mr. Haley, the concerns with Mrs. DeVos lie in the fact that she, and her children, have never attended public schools, but instead were educated in Christian schools in her home state of MI.

"It's like really a awful thing to watch, the tremendous amount of increase", Trump said. Furthermore, she said she would not hold private and charter schools to the same level of accountability as public schools.

The lawmakers said they would like assurances that "this website will not be stripped down in any way" during DeVos' tenure as well as a timeline of what went wrong, what corrective action is being taken, information about any changes being made to the site and when the site is expected to be operational again.

The principal said that 1 in 66 kids are diagnosed with autism, figures that are in line with the most recent government report on the issue. Supporters argue that charters provide incentive for public schools in the same district to become more efficient as they lose students, and gives the public school incentive to improve.

DeVos has always stated that she puts children first when it comes to educational policy.

Charter schools, indeed, can be a good alternative to public schools that are failing - and big cities are full of them.

Keep in mind that more than 80 percent of America's schoolchildren attend traditional public schools.

"The web page was set up under President George W. Bush's Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings, so that educators, advocates and parents could get a "one-stop" explanation and know their rights under the disability law".