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Malaysia detains woman over killing of half-brother of North Korean leader

Half brother of North Korean leader assassinated in Malaysia

Beijing kept a close eye on Kim Jong Nam for pragmatic reasons, according to the former South Korean government official.

A North Korean man died after suddenly becoming ill at a Malaysian airport, officials said Tuesday, amid reports that the half brother of North Korea's leader was assassinated.

Kim Jong-nam, 46, reportedly told medical workers that he had been attacked with chemical spray before he died.

The women - believed to be North Korean agents - unleashed the noxious fumes in the face of Jong-nam as he waited for a flight to Macau, China.

"Police have classified the death of Kim Jong Nam as sudden death and are waiting for the full postmortem report to decide further action". Malaysian officials have confirmed they are looking "few" other foreign suspects in connection with the apparent assassination.

The shirt was listed online as "North Korea female who assassinated Kim Jong nam's T-shirt".

North Korea may have chosen Malaysia to carry out the hit because the Southeast Asian country's relatively relaxed security measures make it fertile ground for its agents to act with impunity.

CCTV footage of her appeared to show that she had on her left hand a dark-coloured glove as she walked briskly down to the taxi stand for her getaway. His body was undergoing an autopsy, the source said, which would involve a toxicology report. The airport is in Selangor, near Kuala Lumpur.

Kim Jong Nam was the most public of all of Kim Jong Il's sons before Kim Jong Un took power, though most remember him for the scandalous headlines he made.

South Korea's spy service said on Wednesday that North Korea had been trying for five years to kill him, citing Kim Jong Un's "paranoia" about his estranged half-brother. He is believed to have been born May 10, 1971.

He added: "The Kim Jong Un regime will not last long". And older brother Kim Jong-chul "isn't seen as a main threat to usurp power", Bloomberg says.

Jong-nam's murder is the highest-profile death under the Kim Jong-un's regime since the execution of the leader's uncle, Jang Song-thaek, in December 2013.

Kim Jong Nam was known to spend a significant amount of time outside North Korea, travelling in Macau and Hong Kong as well as mainland China, and has been caught in the past using forged travel documents.

CCTV pictures taken from #Malaysia airport showing one of the two women suspected to have killed Kim Jong Nam, half-brother of Kim Jong-Un.

However, lawmakers from South Korea, bitter enemy of the North, have said that their intelligence agencies believe this was a false alias and that the man was in fact the half-brother of North Korea's dictator.

"Kim Jong-nam hadn't expressed a desire to lead the DPRK, but nevertheless was likely viewed as a loose thread by his younger brother".

"It's just speculation that DPRK is behind Kim Jong Nam's death". Pyongyang's nuclear and missile development is not only a message to the USA, but to China as well. "After the women accomplished their act, they all fled the scene immediately in two groups".