UConn Women's Basketball Makes History Winning 100 Games In A Row


It rocked with a capacity crowd in what was a dogfight for the first half.

FILE- In this April 5, 2016 file photo, CT head coach Geno Auriemma yells from the sidelines during the second half of the championship game against Syracuse at the women's Final Four in the NCAA college basketball tournament, in Indianapolis. Teams rarely come close to beating this team and if they do, it's probably not for long as the Huskies are known for late-game surges. This is a milestone that hasn't been reached by any other team - male or female - in the NCAA. This is unsurprising, considering they lost Stewart and their two other best players to the WNBA draft after last season (those players went 1st, 2nd and 3rd overall). The Gamecocks proved to be a formidable opponent in the matchup, holding the Huskies to less than 70 points for the first time all season. "A big win like this against a really good team in an incredible environment". UConn sent them back below the Mason-Dixon with a 15-point spanking.

Since the Huskies' last loss, UConn has simply dominated its competition.

UConn suffered the indecency of merely beating a team by single digits just twice during this run.

"They carried the torch across the finish line to 100", Auriemma said. Kaela Davis was 1-of-10 for three points.

Leading by only 2 points with under 6 minutes left in the third quarter against the Gamecocks, the Huskies looked beatable - yet they won again.

According to ESPN, the streak has included a whopping 56 wins by more than 40 points, and the 11-point win over SC was the 42nd win of the streak by 10 to 39 points. And rather than criticizing them and picking apart their every move, it's time to appreciate everything UConn has accomplished.

At the beginning of the streak, Auriemma gave a halftime interview in which he said it was the worst the team had played in his time as its coach. They destroyed a Syracuse team in the final, 82-51. "We have to know how to play a full 40 minutes of a game".

"We kind of know how significant" playing CT is, Coates said. This is not the Breanna Stewart-Moriah Jefferson era CT, a team previous year that strung together nothing but runs. That list includes teams now ranked No. 2 (Maryland), No. 4 (Florida State and Baylor), No. 7 (Notre Dame), No. 8 (Texas) and No. 12 (Ohio State). In this season's opener, the streak almost stopped in its tracks. And at least one Red Sox player watched it. "And they believe it, because it's expected", Auriemma said. "I think even in practices, when you're dead exhausted, you can see the banners on the wall with their names and understand that they went through it and they pushed through it and they got this to what it is". 100 and counting, and nobody thinks it will end anytime soon. "So you take some good things". "That's kind of impressive, I think".

While 100 straight victories is a headline-grabbing round number, it only hints at UConn's unprecedented dominance.

NO. 8 LOUISVILLE 76, SYRACUSE 72, OT: The visiting Cardinals (21-5, 9-4 ACC) scored 10 consecutive points in overtime, including five straight by Anas Mahmoud. UConn beat its own record of 90 consecutive wins earlier this season with little fanfare.

Let that sink in for a moment.

"Actually, our team always thought we would find a way to win".