Who are the final three women on The Bachelor Season 21?


Turns out it is not in Bimini.

Raven takes Nick to her parent's house and introduces Nick to her parents. So what will happen during Raven, Corinne, Vanessa and Rachel's Hometown Dates on The Bachelor?

Nick and Corinne head up to meet her folks, her younger sister and her nanny at their condo.

Raven and Nick got down and dirty in Hoxie, Arkansas, during Season 21, episode 8, of "The Bachelor".

Nick will see Raven in Hoxie, Ark. That's when the cops interrupt the filming and arrest Nick. "Yes, I'm doing on this huge stage, but again my journey of love isn't any different just because my skin color is". The ladies are throwing around extremely dramatic concerns like, "No one is safe!" and I'm curious to know if they think that Nick actually murdered Kristina to get her off the show rather than just very politely asked her to leave. Off the hook from the law, they go mudding in someone's field, which as a Tennessee native, I can confirm that's a big no-no.

The book Reality Steve is referring to is Dorfman's memoir "It's Not Okay: Turning Heartbreak into Happily Never After" where she wrote about her experience as "The Bachelorette". The big question is whether or not Raven can put her heart on the line and say, "I love you", but despite her honest desire, the answer is no. Well, let's just say their Bachelorette turned Bachelor in Paradise feud (Murray's ex-fiancee, Amanda Stanton, went out on a date with Viall before he arrived in Paradise) hasn't left Murray with the sweetest taste in his mouth. Sure hope these two make it!

Then, a heartbroken Nick appears on After the Final Rose and asks Andi why she would sleep with him if she knew he wasn't the one, which horrifies and offends Andi because she doesn't think Nick should talk about their sex life on national television. The pastor calls out Nick not for his poor sense of rhythm, but to remind him that God is watching him, yes even when he's in the hot tub. She's going to be fantastic. While we all know that Rachel doesn't end up winning The Bachelor (as ABC already revealed that she will be the star of next season's The Bachelorette), they still chose to include Nick's visit with her and her family in Dallas.

"The Bachelor" 2017 season has been a roller coaster so far, and it's not about to stop. In her voiceover, Raven explains that her father had recently undergone treatment for lung cancer, so bringing someone home to meet him is a milestone in and of itself. I'm guessing in lieu of Hickory Farms samples, this exclusive mall conducts free caviar tastings. She then bribes Nick with a $3000 shopping spree at Tomas Maier. Well, time will tell. This is a job that so many people out there do take for granted, so applause to her there. The site also reveals that at the end of the episode, Nick will send home Corinne.

"It's definitely scary that she's so confident because what if something she doesn't expect happens", Vanessa's older sister, Melissa, questions. In the end, Vanessa's father half-heartedly granted his blessing to Nick, but at this point even Vanessa was evidently uneasy about the whole 3-other-women thing. The tears are flowing as they discuss his ability to walk his little girl down the aisle, whether it ends up being Nick or anyone else. I get the impression that perhaps these two women do not like each other very much.

Things got complicated as Nick traveled to Montreal to meet Vanessa's family. She takes Nick to meet her students, who are all adults with special needs. They lost me at $800 sweatpants. Not only is Vanessa a special education teacher, but she is also trilingual and has extremely shiny hair.

"Everyone in my family is so relaxed", Corinne shares.