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"Not My Presidents Day:" Protests across the country, including here in Milwaukee


A grassroots group is using President's Day to express their displeasure with Donald Trump by holding a "Not My President's Day" demonstration.

"We don't want to pick an issue", said Hartman. "He's going to make our country great, and I'mbelieving that he's going to protect our borders and we're really going to be safer", said Hjelmfelt. "We need to keep doing this", she said.

In Chicago, 3,700 people have indicated on Facebook that they will join Monday's noon rally across the Chicago River from the Trump Tower and another 16,000 say they are interested in the event. Demonstrators there called attention to Trump's crackdown on immigration and his party's response to climate change and the environment.

In Columbia, protesters held a "People's March on Columbia' where hundreds gathered outside the State House to show solidarity".

Organizers across the country put together "not my President" protests which took place Monday - President's Day. "The protesters had signs reading "Trump is treason" and "the art of the liar...' In Chicago, CBS News" Roseanne Tellez covered a protest in the downtown where protesters had signs "Dump Trump" and 'Repeal and replace Trump, not Obamacare, '" a reporter documented.

Eight community activists were briefly taken into police custody Tuesday afternoon at the tail end of an hour-long march through Federal Plaza as part of the weekly "Resist Trump Tuesday" protests.

"I'm concerned with the lack of respect Trump has for women and the rights he is taking away from women", said Protester, Jen Elsenbroek.

With Monday being a day off for many schools, many parents brought their children to the protest.

"I've never seen a President work as hard", Suber said.

Hanna Khavafipour is the organizer of the "Not My President's Day" rally in Denver.

"I supported Obama for eight year even though many of his policies I didn't personally like", said Hjelmfelt.

In Atlanta, dozens marched through midtown for a rally named with a Georgia flavor: "ImPEACH NOW! From his views on women to his views on immigration, racism, sexism and all the very bad things that he is representing is embarrassing our country", another protester said.

Chicago police reported no arrests in the protest, the latest in a series since Trump's January 20 inauguration.