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Nazri: N. Korea a 'rogue nation', Malaysians should steer clear

Nazri: N. Korea a 'rogue nation', Malaysians should steer clear

North Korean diplomats spent hours last week trying to talk Malaysian officials out of conducting an autopsy on Kim Jong Nam's body, sources familiar with the discussions told Reuters, but Malaysia rejected the requests.

It does not name Kim Jong-nam, but the KCNA report appears to be state media's first reference to the death of the half-brother of North Korea's leader. They are searching for several more North Koreans.

Demonstrators from the youth wing of Malaysia's ruling party handed in a letter to diplomats denouncing Pyongyang's "impermissible attitude and rudeness" and urging the North "to reconsider its aggressive approach".

KCNA went further by linking the timing of the probe with an anti-North Korea "conspiratorial racket" led by South Korea. He also warned that North Korea may try military provocations to divert global attention from the killing.

Malaysian Police Chief Khalid Abu Bakar said Wednesday that 44-year-old Hyon Kwang Song, a second secretary at North Korea's embassy, is wanted for questioning in connection with the death of Kim Jong Nam.

The North Korean embassy in Kuala Lumpur has demanded the immediate release of the two "innocent women".

Since Kim Jong Nam's death on February 13, no claims have been made to the body, but police have asked for DNA samples from a relative to ensure that it is in fact Kim Jong Nam.

Malaysia police say four of the North Korean suspects fled the country on the day of his death and have already returned to Pyongyang.

Its deputy chief Senator Khairul Azwan Harun said this follows the recent accusations hurled at the Malaysian authorities in relation to the death of Kim Jong-Nam.

Malaysia hit back by saying the country's rules must be followed.

"Everything was conducted professionally at the same premises and in compliance with worldwide standards", he said, adding that the body had been handled in a respectful manner with medicolegal specimens having been taken in accordance with the provisions of the law to maintain the chain of custody.

Pyongyang has accused Malaysia of "colluding" with its enemies to carry out a politically motivated investigation.

"(The government) has to check the terror-response posture at related agencies such as the (state) anti-terrorism center once again, and make thorough efforts to protect defectors", Hwang said during a regular Cabinet meeting.

Doan Thi Huong, 28, Vietnamese, one of two women suspected of wiping toxins on Mr Kim's face. He died later in a hospital. "This incident has caused significant damage to Malaysia, and its image of safety and political stability", Jaehyon added he also thought that Malaysia was concerned about the impact the incident would have on its tourism.

"The Malaysian government has been transparent", the statement said. "You can not predict what they will do", Nazri said after attending the launch of the 15th National Craft Day here Thursday.

Police also want to interview Mr Kim Uk-il, 37, an employee of the North Korean state-owned airline Air Koryo.

Isolated North Korea has a long history of ordering killings of people it views as threats to its regime.