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Russian state media is falling out of love with Donald Trump


You just need to look at the public record.

"What I worry about and what I think the American people do not agree with is that President Trump has been overly friendly to Vladimir Putin, to Russian leaders, to the Russian leadership", he said.

On Dec. 29, in retaliation for Russia's meddling into our election, Obama imposed sanctions on Russia, which expelled 35 Russian diplomats and closed two Russian compounds. The story is the White House cover-up following the intelligence briefing that detailed Flynn's criminal activity and presented clear evidence of collusion with a hostile foreign government. Thus, psychologist Lena Feygin believes that one can't apply pressure on Trump.

Meanwhile, Russian experts started compiling a portrait of the Republican billionaire during the election campaign.

The media has reported that US intelligence is investigating communications between Trump's associates and suspected Russian intelligence officials.

A dossier ordered by the Kremlin on President Donald Trump has called him "naive", saying the billionaire businessman "doesn't understand fully" Russian President Vladimir Putin.

He lied to the vice president, and by extension the president and the American people, about a conversation in December with Russia's ambassador to the which sanctions were discussed in some manner.

Trump's praise for Putin and his campaign promises to improve USA ties with Russian Federation have raised expectations of a thaw between the two countries. Within the DIA, the staff called his statements "Flynn Facts", better known today as "Alternative Facts". Back in September, Trump said Putin was more of a leader than Barack Obama.

But, as Oliver noted, "Trump has already given Putin something massive, and he may not have realized it yet".

Given the magnitude of Russia's cyberattack on America, it remains puzzling that Flynn and Trump were so cavalier about the US government's attempt to hold Moscow accountable.

As more and more accusations are made that President Donald Trump might have some kind of illegal ties with Russian Federation, there have been calls for an investigation.

Flavin said the relationship Trump builds with congress is so important because executive actions do not change laws - legislation which goes though the House and the Senate does. They are the most trivial characteristics that say: "this person is like this". Financial backing from Russian Federation and Kazakhstan helped develop Trump properties in Ft. Inevitably, there will be leaks, but that issue is a red herring.

That was the fake-news headline offered up last week by The New Yorker's humor writer Andy Borowitz.

The first he said, concerned information meant exclusively for the United States, which goes directly to the CIA or the National Security Agency.