United States dollars community reacts to secretary of education nomination


The most disastrous event for her authority was the Senate hearing, where she failed to answer such basic questions such as the one asked by Sen.

On Feb. 7, Betsy DeVos was confirmed as the nation's education secretary with the help of a historic tie-breaking vote from Vice President Mike Pence after an all-night vigil on the Senate floor.

"This alone doesn't sound like it would negatively impact schools like BUHS", the student said of the latter point, "but she plans to do this by withdrawing funds from our already underfunded public schools and putting them towards charter schools and private schools".

"I think what's going to happen is educational equity is not going to be as pursued as vigorously as before", said the political science professor.

She says, "They are huge advocates of choice, which is wonderful, which is a plus, which we believe in". I think there's been some discussion between the timing of the issuance and recommendations - or between the exact wording. The SDUSD board should have respectfully welcomed DeVos, been willing to have an open dialogue, and looked forward to showing her the many and great successes of SDU schools.

Easton-Brooks said DeVos and the new cabinet have a lot to say about the state of education in the first 100 days, which has made him lose confidence in the administration. Albrecht said DeVos' previous involvement in education triggers concern.

Sampson discussed the Department of Education under former president Barack Obama, in which he said there was an idea of evaluating teachers based upon how kids scored on tests. As long as education remains a closed system, we will never see the education equivalents of Google, Facebook, Amazon, PayPal, Wikipedia or Uber.

As a retired teacher who has taught for more than 25 years, I am appalled at this display of callous disregard for children's education in this country.

According to the National Center of Education Statistics, a public charter school is defined as a "publicly funded school that is typically governed by a group or organization under legislative contract (or charter) with the state or jurisdiction".

"Schools must ensure that transgender students, like all students, are able to learn in a safe environment", the draft reads.

The idea of a nationwide voucher system seems to leave a sour taste in public education's mouth. "You have to have teachers who are empowered to facilitate great teaching", DeVos said. "Having those tax dollars removed from the community doesn't benefit the community at all". "I would hope you wouldn't include other family members beyond my core family".

It all began with a vision to transform and improve the traditional public school system, a vision that started in 1991 with the Charter School Act in Minnesota and quickly spread to California only a year later.

The 62 percent satisfaction with private school was the same for high-income parents and for medium- and low-income parents. "I feel like they're called back to the olden days". "This means that we have the opportunity for real reform". I really believe the fundamental thing that influences the quality of education is the quality of the teacher. "Hopefully, it won't be too bad, but it mostly just makes me anxious about whether or not certain services are going to be provided or paid for, or if that's going to be up to the school district or me as a teacher in that field". She says, "She was speaking of the fact that funding often should not stay in a building, but should follow a student".