Do Political Statements At Awards Show Actually Make A Difference?


As Hollywood prepares for the 89th Academy Awards, broadcasting live from the Dolby Theatre at 7 p.m. Sunday on ABC, the tone and atmosphere are markedly different from last year's #OscarsSoWhite controversy. Melissa McCarthy impersonator Sean Spicer has said that Trump won't be holding his breath over another possible moment, but it's still very probable that another award victor or even host Jimmy Kimmel will use that stage to speak out on what they believe in.

Who will make the most cringe-worthy speech? And in The Washington Post, Sonny Bunch wrote that "Meryl Streep could make an effort to appreciate that which appeals to folks on the other side of the aisle - or another part of the country".

"This year is I'm going with a film I don't want to win and just hoping that Moonlight win". "Patriots Day" (wide release in January, but technically eligible for this year's Oscars); 5. It's a handsome story that deserves to be seen, but Jenkins isn't going to win the Oscar. It's all about the politics, baby.

With voting among the Academy's 6,000-plus members closed since Tuesday, the frenzied and at times schmaltzy campaigning that perennially marks the awards merry-go-round can no longer impact the results.

Here are my picks for what will win, and who should be taking home the prize, in the top five awards of the night.

This year, there are a few issues that may cause a bit of an upset.

Black actors Mahershala Ali and Naomie Harris are first-time nominees for Moonlight, while Fences hopefuls Washington and his co-star Viola Davis are both old hands, with 11 nominations between them and two wins for Washington. Davis will undoubtedly win, as her performance opposite Denzel Washington in Fences is a powerhouse of emotion. Though Anthony Hopkins won for his eight minutes on screen in Silence Of The Lambs, women are rarely rewarded for such brief parts, that are often noticed due to their extremity. And despite being a favorite, there are two things going against them, one is the potential vote split that might occur with supporters unsure of which song to honor, leaving the door open for another song to emerge.

Best Actress: Emma Stone, "La La Land".

"I don't think anyone did a better job than Denzel", he said.

Her biggest competitor is Huppert, who gave a mesmerizing performance as a woman who is so damaged by her past, she can not help but hurt herself in the present day. Her ferocious performance is so good that she would have won in the Best Actress category, which is where she belongs. Casey Affleck must be favourite, thanks to a stunning performance in downbeat indie-drama Manchester by the Sea.

"La La Land" star Ryan Gosling is up against Golden Globe victor Casey Affleck ("Manchester by the Sea") and SAGs victor Denzel Washington ("Fences") for best actor, while Emma Stone ("La La Land") enters as the frontrunner for best actress. Whether or not Casey Affleck's dark past will keep him from claiming an Oscar.