That Shocking 'Walking Dead' Twist Is All Daryl's Fault


From the teaser for this week's episode, it seems clear that we'll be finding out more about what's going on with Eugene, Dwight, and the Saviors.

Overview: The timeline reverts back to when Eugene was taken by Negan from Alexandria.

Two of the wives assigned to keeping Eugene company test his intelligence and have him show of by demonstrating an experiment, which they are rather impressed with.

The dynamic between Negan's women is the most interesting element of the Sanctuary to me, far more so than his rotating harem of right-hand men. Plus, Negan's wives all love him and he finally seems to get the respect he deserves. And I'm sure Daryl could have had the life Negan is giving Eugene. Dwight of course is left to pick up the pieces, shoulder the blame, and receive orders from Negan to fetch his ex-wife. Negan blamed her for letting Daryl escape. He finds the note that says, "Go Now" in Daryl's cell and he knows Sherry wrote it. Negan confirms that Sherry is gone too. She explained all this to Dwight in a letter and even admitted that she's unsure of her survival odds. But when they try recruiting him to create a poison for Negan, saying it's for their suicidal friend, he sees through their ruse immediately. And in Eugene's "job interview" with the thug, we see him use the same tricks with which he first convinced Abraham to take him under his wing. We'll just have to wait and see how it plays out. The doctor does - we know he's lying - and Negan tosses the iron down, sparing him the torture. Negan wants to know if Wade changed his stripes. Now, he's not as quick to act on it as Carol is, but once he does, he's all-in and he's extremely confident. So they'd find him one way or another. When he says 'I'm Negan, ' I pushed my script back and I threw my arms in the air and went, 'YES!' It was such a surprise for me. Because everyone was asking me, even on set, they're like, 'WHOA!' Andrew Lincoln said it was one of his favorite episodes of the series.

Yes, the gun they've found is on the body of a walker, but a stockpile could be in the near vicinity. In Robert Kirkman's comic book, Negan and the Saviors do capture Eugene.

Eugene has never made any bones about the fact that he's a coward, but despite that, he's consistently done his best to contribute to the group. Or is he a Savior through and through now?

The other main through-line of Sunday's episode dealt with Dwight. She asks him about Daryl. He knows where she'll go, because he would go there too.

Even with Dwight's apparent transformation, he still stayed true to his word: He arrived with beer and pretzels, just as he promised Sherry.

Eugene battled with what it would mean to kill someone, but he eventually chose to help them out. But Dwight, like Eugene, is all-in on selling himself as being Negan's man without room for doubt. So it appears that Sherry really does want to live.

While I'm not a fan of this episode overall, it quickly reminded me of the stellar work that Josh McDermitt does with Eugene.

So, who is acting and who isn't?

Granted Eugene is more confident and is adjusting well to his new role. It's a safe bet that Gregory at The Hilltop wouldn't want to take that risk.

The "Walking Dead" in the seventh season should address the questions such as whether Dwight is actually Negan's number two or not. "Who are you Dwight?"

- "I am indeed a smartypants".

Seriously, where would you get lobster when the world has turned to crap? "Well, I was gifted these pickles". He just has to answer "Who are you?" I loved who you were.

- "I'm not lawful, neutral or chaotic, none of the above".

- "I'm gonna call it a grimly gunk".

- "We've all done things". "I'm not." "Ice cold". "That is a correct assessment", Eugene replies.

The saviors return to their home with Eugene.

- Tonight, my wardrobe was pajamas by Gap with hoodie by Allagash and I have no idea who made these slippers.