Multitalented Nintendo Switch Pro Controller can connect to your PC via Bluetooth


This of course means that the game's upcoming multiplayer will appear on Switch, making it the first console to debut the feature. And if people fork out £279.99 for a device with a hugely limited catalogue, they're going to be left with a sour taste in their mouths for months to come.

It's certainly no surprise that Just Dance 2017, the Ubisoft game on every console even ones collecting dust on used game store shelves, showed up on the Nintendo Switch.

Pocket Gamer, which has its pulse on the British gaming scene like no one else, has a roundup of Twitter reactions to this unfortunate news, and as you might guess, it's not pretty.

GAME Reward card-holders also earn one per cent of the trade-in value in GAME Reward points, saving more money on the total price of the new purchases.

In terms of the bad, the Switch starts at $399, comes with no games - most retail from $65 to $80 - and you will likely need another set of controllers or the Pro accessory (another $80 to $100). Despite all the hype, and a few lessons from the NES Classic availability issues previous year, the company is confident demand will be met - at least in the long run. However, given the console's unique controllers, it wouldn't be surprising to see the second player use the secondary Joy-Con to enter their friend's farm. Given how similar it looks to the classic turn-based strategy we don't know why Nintendo didn't just give them the official licence, especially as it has online matches for up to four players. It reportedly functions with most games in Steam Big Picture mode, but some do not accept it. An example: being the cool person I am I made a decision to take my Switch to a friend's small party.

Nintendo also adds a Sleep Mode to quickly wake Switch when you want to continue playing. If they're incredibly important, go ahead and buy a Switch. That should make it easy to blend in with your other components, while still ensuring you can grab it for on the go gameplay. This is an incredibly loose example, but you see what we're getting at - shaking mechanics and control layouts up on the fly to keep things engaging. This was a great opportunity to become familiar with the dynamics of the Switch, both docked for tv use, and undocked for mobile play. The previously titled Nintendo Nx is now.