Nintendo Switch Parental Controls App Hits Google Play

Nier Automata the action role-playing game developed by Square Enix in collaboration with Platinum Games is soon going to release on Play Station 4 in the West following last month's Japanese release but we still don't know when it will become availabl

While it is now possible to share screenshots on Nintendo Switch games on social networks, there is no way to draw from your list of real-life friends.

Even though pre-orders sold out nearly as soon as they went on sale last month, Best Buy, Target, Walmart and GameStop will be selling limited quantities of Nintendo's first new console since the Wii U. Moreover, it has been pointed out that the friends cap list is also quite small at 300 max, as compared to XBox Live (at 1,000) and PSN (2,000). According to the post, the user said there is a weird way to make it work seamlessly on most Windows PC games and it also worked flawlessly on Steam's Big Picture mode. (I'm sorry, Nintendo.) Over the last 30 years of my life, I've definitely tasted plastic things before, but none of them have had the intense, bitter flavor that the Switch cartridge had.

In a report by IGN, the three methods that people can use include "Search of Local User", "Search for User You've Played With", and "Search with Friend Code".

In the future, you will be able to send a friend request to friends associated with your NNID (Wii U/Miiverse) and Nintendo 3DS.

Instead, Nintendo expects Switch owners to offset the minimal storage space with microSD cards, which it can support up to 2TB.

Are you excited to play Stardew Valley on the Nintendo Switch?

Since the announcement of Nintendo Switch, the Japanese company has revealed that all of the console games would be Region Free. Of course, this isn't an issue with other Nintendo consoles whose games were run on compact discs. Like the Wii U, the Nintendo Switch has a touchscreen that you'll want to keep safe from scratches.