Patriots still willing to trade Jimmy Garoppolo

Jimmy Garoppolo Likely Won't be Traded: Report

On top of that, Andy Reid does have a history of doing what he feels is right when it comes to quarterbacks.

Who knows? With the way the Chiefs acquired Alex Smith we could potentially see Garoppolo in red and yellow in the future. I did a quick podcast just for Patreon supporters.

You've got Chicago at #3. If you can, please support today. The Patriots can franchise him, but at a steep price - it will cost them the average salary of the five highest-paid quarterbacks. But he does have the allure of being Brady's backup and seemingly having coach Bill Belichick's stamp of approval.

The incredible thing is, considering he has played just two games, we still have no real way of knowing if Garoppolo even is one. However, I have to think nobody is untradeable, and they simply are making it clear they need a significant offer to make a deal happen.

Garoppolo being unavailable could have greater short-term impact on teams other than the Patriots. The Pats have traded quarterbacks previously.

And unless there is concern about Brady turning into Peyton Manning at 39, trading Garoppolo ASAP, for a first round draft pick, makes sense. 1 and 12 overall picks in the 2017 NFL Draft. Maybe it's because of the grooming they received under head Coach Bill Belichick that made them so desirable in the free agency and trade market of the National Football League, or maybe other teams just simply hoped that some of Brady's skill and work ethic rubbed off on them.

Even with his adamant statement, Schefter realized that the trade rumors are going to persist no matter what he said. That approach would put them in a bind next off-season when Garoppolo's contract is set to end.

One of the reasons why many are expecting a Garoppolo trade is because of his current contract.

They are expected to use that pick on 22-year-old North Carolina Tar Heels signal caller Mitch Trubisky, according to Cabot, assuming that they are not able to persuade the Patriots to part with Garoppolo. When Cassel was traded, Tom Brady was coming off of a bad knee injury, but he was firmly in his early thirties.

Tyrod Taylor would be available in free agency if the Buffalo Bills choose not to pick up almost $31 million in guaranteed money. By making it more hard, teams may increase his value even though nothing about him has changed.