Welcome tone from President Trump

'Impatient' markets clamour for details on taxes from Trump's not-quite state-of-the-union address

In his first address to Congress, President Trump defended controversial policies pushed by his administration and optimistically outlined a bold agenda highlighted by immigration reform, an expansive infrastructure program and reform of the nation's health care system.

A White House spokeswoman said the shooting appeared to be "an act of racially motivated hatred".

By spelling out his core goals, and asking the House and Senate to create the legislation to put them into place, Trump proved to Congress he wants to lead.

Trump's speech to Congress only proves that he is the ultimate huckster-someone who can turn on a dime anytime he wants, not because he's had a change of heart, but because he'll play any role he has to, if it suits his interests.

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"The President is keeping the family of the victim, who was senselessly killed, in his thoughts, and we're praying for the full and speedy recovery of those wounded", Trump's Principal Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Sander said.

The White House also quoted from the editorials of dailies such as Omaha World-Herald, Tulsa World, Charleston Daily Mail, Washington Times and Providence Journal.

"I'm not talking about new laws, I'm talking the existing law, is very rough, it's very, very rough", Trump said. In this case, Trump and the GOP's bait-and-switch hardly lasted a day.

On national security, President Trump employed dark language to describe the threat posed by "radical Islamic terrorism" - a term his own national security adviser rejects as inflammatory - and warned against "reckless" and "uncontrolled entry" of refugees and immigrants from countries with ties to extremist groups. "Heroic veterans will get the care they so desperately need. The only way we're going to get this done is to work closely together". "From now on, America will be empowered by our aspirations, not burdened by our fears", Trump said. Trump would not necessarily support a pathway to citizenship - possibly except for "Dreamers", who were brought into the country illegally as children - according to a report by CNN's Wolf Blitzer and Jake Tapper, who attended the luncheon. "And I find it very, very hard doing what the law says exactly to do and, you know, the law is rough", Trump said.

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It was also a message centered on policies that serve his controversial campaign theme of "America first", including a major increase in defense spending, a pull-back from multilateral trade agreements, the border wall, and tax cuts for corporations and the middle class.

Deficit hawks in Congress already are signaling disdain for what they see as more of the borrow-and-spend approach that they believe has undermined the country's financial health. He signed orders last month that subject to deportation virtually all of the 11 million people in the US illegally. "Ryan laid down his life for his friends, for his country, and for our freedom - we will never forget Ryan", Trump said. Trump said he would work with Democrats and Republicans to give new parents paid family leave from their jobs, and for new investments in women's health. When it came to specific policy proposals, Trump similarly offered a few encouraging signs - but many more reasons for skepticism.

The president's comments were also a nod to health insurers - whom Trump met with on Monday - who say tax credits are necessary to keep people in the market.

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The idea did not have a consensus, even among Republican governors - 16 of whom are from states that have expanded Medicaid. Under one House bill, people under 30 would receive $2,000 annually, and this would double to $4,000 for people over 60.