Talked about scene from The Walking Dead 712: Walkers at the carnival

Here Rick why not shoot this deer? He looks pretty realistic

And dear Team Walking Dead (which this week included writer Matthew Negrete) - you really don't want to be making people think about the worst excesses of the show's attempts to fool the audience.

Earlier in the show's run, the argument could have been made that Michonne was more in love with being a surrogate mother to Carl than she was with Rick on any level. Rick gets overwhelmed, climbs the Ferris wheel, sees the deer, falls, and OMG, RICK IS DEAD, but you totally know he isn't, even if Michonne does.

It's a credit to Matthew Negrete's script that the episode's two main characters have such moments of lightness. She says that Negan and Governor were both pure evil. The former lends "Say Yes" just the right amount of anxiousness, even in long stretches where Rick and Michonne are essentially just looking for food and weapons for their newfound best friends, the Garbage Pail Kids. I was totally with him in wanting them to extend this road trip into a '70s-film-style picaresque. Fighting the fight is living and that's what they need to do.

They joke about this being the most romantic episode, really going along with the theme "Rise Up". I mean, c'mon, AMC. After Rick negotiates to get some guns back (so they can find more guns) she steals a sniper rifle and travels to the Hilltop to find Sasha. There's just no getting around her toughness. Whatever nonsense is running through her head continues as she recruits Sasha to go rogue for another assassination attempt.

And because of his willingness to change, McDermitt thinks Eugene will make it to the very end. Christian Serratos explained in spite of episode 12 that Rosita would still have a certain reluctance to work with Sasha since she also lost Abraham because of her. Josh, what the hell is the point of Tara??? For example, Danai Gurira is now working on Marvel's Black Panther film while The Walking Dead is between production schedules. We had Tara (Alanna Masterson) debating whether or not she should tell our heroes about the well-armed community she encountered, confiding in the only person around who couldn't tell anyone.

- Father Gabriel throwing some classy shade at Rosita! Constant stress and loss on the levels they've been dealing with isn't healthy, and a lot of people rely on these two to help keep things together. At least she's not talking yet. That said, he has a lot of ground to make up. "I can't tell you other stuff or if it's going to happen or if it has already happened though". The episode's title line comes in this scene when Rick must get a stern in negotiations with Jadis. And yet the scenes between Rick and Michonne land so well that it's easy to overlook the fact that nearly nothing happens here.

Yvette talks about the Carnival scene, where it looked like Rick was eaten, which reminded her of the moments of Glen and the dumpster. This has lead the viewers of "The Walking Dead" troubled and has also left the fans wondering if there might be something terrible that may happen to Rick. But when this ep was just about Rick and Michonne, it was great.

Moments later, the two crashed through the roof of the building they were standing on, which under normal zombie apocalypse circumstances would elicit fear. I'm glad that's finally happening, and I hope Oceanside joins them as well, but I expect it will be so simple as that, of course. But then I got scared. "You think or you know?"

Rosita and Sasha nearly definitely won't succeed in completing their Negan kill mission, but just how badly they'll fare in the process is anyone's guess.