Rachel Lindsay, Nick Viall reunite, she talks ideal guy

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To be honest, as the past few weeks and how fantastic things seemed to go with Rachel, it nearly seemed like Nick would have picked Rachel over Vanessa. Both felt as if they weren't given a fair shot at love and left the show completely confused.

Heading into my date with Vanessa, I couldn't have been more excited about spending more quality time with her. The next stop for Rachel was the emotional backseat interview, where she said, "I want someone to have, like, that undeniable, unconditional, unexplainable love for me". Why did Nick decide to abandon Rachel at the last minute after professing his love?

Rachel's Goodbye: Rachel's departure surprised at least one person: Rachel.

To be honest, our thoughts about last night's three-hour "journey" are still haunted by the screeching sound of 20 or so women violently yelling at each other during the The Bachelor: Women Tell All - especially during the Taylor and Corinne fight.

Congrats to Nick. Because this is what we know of his sexual history: He had sex with Andi, who broke up with him soon thereafter; he had sex with Kaitlyn, who later admitted she regretted having sex with him and broke up with him; he had sex with Liz, who ghosted him until he got his own TV show. "I want to murder Nick, chop him up and feed him to the reindeer". If they get engaged, Vanessa wants to live in her hometown, Montreal. All the girls talk over each other, and Josephine comes to Corinne's defense.

Alexis (aka the dolphin-shark) detailed her Bachelor premiere experience, when she first introduced viewers to the now infamous costume.

Nick escorted her to a couch.

"That is a very common question that I get from black people", she said. Despite my past - that does not define who you are.

Nick's utter lack of charm is never more pronounced than when he's in the same room with someone like Rachel, who cranks the charisma up to 11 while he struggles to mumble a coherent sentence. As Canadian Hailey explained, "The majority of America knows Liz to be someone that slept with Nick. I don't know if I see myself in Canada". She shared that her publicity from "The Bachelor" has led her to reconnect with old friends from her orphanage.

Nick sat down with Glamour magazine after ABC's women tell all "Bachelor" special Monday night. Even host Chris Harrison couldn't help but find comic relief in the waning moments.

As for when Nolan may or may not return to counseling, she says it's all about "timing".

Corinne's apologists, including Josephine and Jasmine, piled on and accused Taylor of being stuck up, which made Taylor cry. They were very serious, and she needed someone fun who could get her out of her head. Hit us up onTwitter,Facebook, orInstagram, or leave your comments below. "I feel like it was meant to be and that outweighs any fear or pressure that I have in being the first African-American Bachelorette", she says, adding that she hopes her casting means her season will have a more diverse cast that shows "what America looks like".

And then she had everyone in the studio served cheese pasta, presumably made from her "nanny" Raquel's recipe.