Google is reportedly buying data science community Kaggle

Google is reportedly buying data science community Kaggle

Google is now expanding those capabilities to videos, with the Cloud Video Intelligence API. These integrations will enable users to do things like link email conversations, search for contacts and create new tasks across both environments, directly from Gmail. Earlier this week, IBM and Salesforce have announced a partnership to combine efforts in improving the data analytics and machine learning capabilities of each company's artificial intelligence, IBM's Watson AI and Salesforce's Einstein AI respectively.

What Pichai is signaling is that Google Cloud isn't one of the search advertising giant's many side projects - instead, he sees it as something core to the company's major businesses.

After all, Boston Dynamics recently unveiled a robot that puts our human limbs to shame - and now Google has announced a major step forward for AI vision. On Wednesday, the Google Cloud Platform said it had acquired Kaggle, what it calls the world's biggest community for data scientists and machine learning geeks.

First, they write that Google Cloud's (GCP) go-to-market strategy for customers focuses on cost savings, revenue generation, and business process improvement. At least in Google's demo, it was genuinely impressive.

"With Kaggle, Google is buying one of the largest and most active communities for data scientists - and with that, it will get increased mindshare in this community, too", reads the report.

"I think big data is so powerful that nation stats will fight over how much data matters", he told attendees. Google and Kaggle have already worked together in the past, and are now teaming up on a $100,000 competition to accurately classify YouTube videos.

"Machine learning finds previously hidden patterns in data", Pichai said.

The keynote was about Google's serious commitment to being a player in the emerging game of cloud-based services and platforms. "We are beginning to shine light on the dark matter of the digital universe", Li said. Google claims its Video Intelligence API is the first of its kind; there are demonstrations of it in action here.

"We will make use of the Google Cloud Launcher Marketplace, Google's marketplace for enterprise-grade partner applications, to offer products to developers and customers, starting with the developer edition of SAP HANA, express edition", noted Bernd Leukert, Member of the Executive Board, Products & Innovation, SAP.

Last year, Google combined the sales teams of its cloud service, which sells companies storage space over the internet, and its apps.