Planned Parenthood patients are anxious about upcoming budget cuts

Planned Parenthood patients are anxious about upcoming budget cuts

What it really means to "defund" Planned Parenthood is that Medicaid would prevent its patients from going to Planned Parenthood (or, technically, any other organization receiving more than $350 million in Medicaid funding, should there be one), blocking women, and low-income women in particular, from access to reproductive health care.

It might come as a surprise to Senator Dan Sullivan that most women who use the services provided by Planned Parenthood Health Centers do so because they need low-priced care and have nowhere else to turn.

Sen. Andrew A. Serafini (R-Washington), a member of the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee, which must approve the bill for it to advance, said he opposed the funding because Planned Parenthood provides women with abortion, among other health services. The majority of Americans who are pro-life on abortion have been clamoring for Congress to revoke its taxpayer funding.

It would keep poor women on Medicaid from getting health care at Planned Parenthood, and cut off affordable abortion coverage for many privately insured women. We learned that clinics affiliated with the Planned Parenthood Federation of America performed 323,999 abortions in 2014.

Following an informal proposal by White House officials, Planned Parenthood has stated that they won't stop providing abortion services to women.

And in a statement to ABC News, Richards said that there was nothing new about Trump's ultimatum. Taking away access to life-saving preventive care at Planned Parenthood is deeply unpopular.

To be clear, Laguens added, the $500 million received annually in federal funds "do not pay for abortions", as that is expressly prohibited by the anti-choice Hyde Amendment. But in reality there are many problems with this plan, including the fact that community clinics don't necessarily specialize in reproductive health services and are already burdened with more patients than they can handle. Each of those people would need to donate $6.10 to offset Planned Parenthood's loss of federal funding in a year.

In a February 2016 debate, the billionaire tycoon came under fire from also-ran candidate Marco Rubio for "defending Planned Parenthood", prompting him to respond: "Millions and millions of women - cervical cancer, breast cancer - are helped by Planned Parenthood". Abortions are a tiny per centage of the medical services that they provide. Ninety-four percent of its pregnancy services are abortion. "It has always been ironic that this abortion giant uses the word "parenthood" in its name, despite offering virtually no prenatal care".

Chanting "do not defund!", area women, and a few men, gathered outside Rep.

Yesterday, GOP lawmakers unveiled the first phase of their plan to repeal Obamacare, and defunding Planned Parenthood is part of the plan.