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US to be 'steadfast' South Korea ally after Park's ouster: embassy

Park Geun-hye

The court also found that throughout the investigation Ms Park's actions had been aimed at concealing the truth; the justices said she had consistently obstructed the ability of the National Assembly to hold her to account.

South Korea's Park Geun-hye was the country's first female president.

Who will be the next president of South Korea? . If the Constitutional Court upholds the motion of impeachment on March 10, Hwang will have 10 days to choose from, between April. 30 and May 9.

SHE had refused to be questioned, and attended none of the 20 hearings since a trial on her impeachment began on January 3rd. She is also the first to be expelled during her term. But supporters of Park wasted no time in venting their anger Friday morning, clashing with riot police and breaching cordons around the court.

The public opinion about Park saw a sharp decline, with her approval rating falling to a dismal 4 percent.

Ms Park and her friend, Choi Soon-sil, both deny doing anything wrong. Her father, South Korean dictator Park Chung-hee, was killed by his own chief of security five years later. Presuming that the court upholds Park's impeachment, it's certain that the next presidential election will take place on May 9. The intersection of political power and growing economic might, however, led to entrenched, family-controlled business dynasties, which gave rise to increasingly murky political-business alliances in the country.

Choi's father, the religious cult leader Choi Tae-min, mentored Park after her mother, Yuk Young-soo, was assassinated by a North Korean sympathiser in 1974, forcing the 22-year-old Park to take on the role of acting first lady. She had leaked confidential documents to Choi, tried to cover up her wrongdoing, then lied about it.

A well-known music video director, Cha is on trial for allegedly using his close ties with Choi to win key culture-related projects from government agencies. The tablet and subsequent discoveries broke open a wide-ranging scandal that has led to the jailing of the head of Samsung Electronics, scrutiny of dozens of politicians and businessmen, and now, the removal of the head of state.

But Park's lawyers say government appointments were made legally, and the foundations were voluntarily established by companies to help the country's cultural and sporting development.

With Park's ouster, the country now has 60 days to choose a new president.

Moon Jae-in, the presidential contender from the center-left opposition Minjoo Party, has performed well in recent polls, suggesting that the country may be in for a partisan change in the presidency.