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Paul Ryan "can't answer" how many people will lose insurance under Trumpcare

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From what we are seeing in this first phase it will leave 10 to 20 million Americans with no health care whatsoever. Paul Ryan is lying when he said the Affordable Care Act is in a death spiral.

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ariz.), who last week said Republicans should just "start over" on the bill, encouraged his colleagues to "not walk the plank and vote for a bill that can not pass the Senate and then have to face the consequences of that vote".

"I can't answer that question".

Will my employer still have to offer health insurance? There is no assistance with premiums and cost-sharing when buying directly from insurance companies. But critics say the real aim is to whittle down the programme.

I have cancer, or another condition.

Thousands of people have turned out for town hall meetings across the country, including recent sessions in Santa Rosa and Petaluma, calling on Congress to protect health insurance gains.

Yes, insurers can not reject you because of a pre-existing condition, another holdover from the ACA. They would have to retain many features.

Will the government help pay for my health insurance?

Emergency rooms are not allowed to turn people away based on ability to pay (with a variety of caveats).

Because they're hoping to use the budget reconciliation process to pass the bill, which requires that every provision have a direct impact on the federal budget, the Republicans' plan does not address numerous point-of-service concerns doctors have expressed about the ACA, such as burdensome documentation requirements for insurance reimbursement.

Grassley rejected the notion that such tax credits are essentially the same as the subsidies in the current law, as conservative opponents contend.

The plan, however, is facing opposition not only from Democrats but conservative Republicans.

This depends on where you live, and how much you earn.

So what are Republicans planning to do?

Despite signs of division among Republican lawmakers, President Donald Trump on Friday expressed confidence the House GOP's plan to repeal and replace Obamacare will be approved. "We'll expand health savings accounts", Pence declared. The American Health Care Act (AHCA), unveiled on March 6th by Republicans in the House of Representatives, would overhaul this reform.

One of the features of the GOP plan is to almost double the amount of money that consumers could save in such accounts. This comes from getting rid of the penalty for not having insurance.

Party insiders say the president at that point could choose to make an example of one or two resistant Republicans to send a message.

However, the rich will receive extra benefits under the plan. Who is it most likely to hurt?

"That's no choice and that's no option for those who really need the care", she said. Rauner has told reporters he fears IL will be "left in the lurch", while Emanuel has predicted "more people are going to lose health care".

The larger problem is that there isn't a Republican plan in existence that ensures people maintain coverage. What about preventive visits, like well-child checkups? That lies squarely with the insurance companies. "Usually when you move something too quickly, and this is what the Democrats found out with the Affordable Care Act, that you can make mistakes when you move too fast".

Do I get to keep my doctor?

"So there's no way you can compete with on paper a government mandate with coverage". Not as many people will get coverage.' You know why?

Republicans counter that no one would be harmed.

"This plan will cost Americans more money while providing fewer protections and will lead to millions losing healthcare altogether", Butterfield said earlier this week. "I would think there might be more variation in networks if this bill came to pass", Hempstead said.