We must act now to replace 'Obamacare disaster'

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"The American people deserve to see what Republicans are trying to do to their health care".

"This is just the start", Hardwick said, noting that Republicans have run for years on a repeal-and-replace approach to health care.

Ryancare sets up a number of expiring provisions that will remove healthcare benefits from millions of Americans in the months leading up to Trump's 2020 bid for a second term.

Ryan's problem, though, is that virtually all conservative health care experts hate the plan.

Obama succeeded in his basic aims, but he couldn't keep all his promises, especially that one.

Fourth, who should control health care decisions?

"The President listened and he told his staff to continue working on the bill, so we're hopeful that this process will lead to a bill that actually repeals Obamacare and puts in free-market health care reforms". It doesn't even pretend to.

How many might lose coverage under the new plan?

"New York's entire delegation - Democrats and Republicans - need to stand up and they need to fight, stand against this regressive plan and protect the people they are sworn to represent", Cuomo said in a statement.

But like much of the rest of his legacy, it has come under attack from Trump, who has made dismantling it one of his top goals. Like Obamacare, however, the Republican bill allows children to stay on a parent's insurance until they reach age 26 and prevents insurers from denying coverage to people with pre-existing medical conditions.

First, should we provide universal coverage or universal access? NPR's full coverage explains how those subsidies would be replaced with a fixed refundable tax credit and there would be big changes to Medicaid.

"If they have some suggestions that improve predictability, fairness to all the participants - including insurance companies - then we have something to talk about", she said.

Don't take me at my word. About half of Obamacare enrollees obtained insurance through the expansion.

Cartwright said people complain that premiums are too high under Obamacare. "It's about making sure that patients get the best deal". The last few years I don't hear people saying that.

Health care industry organizations nearly immediately attacked the plan, saying it would slash the number of Americans with access to insurance.

The GOP plan would repeal penalties on Americans who don't have health coverage. On March 6, Republicans issued a plan that would repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act with a system that is less sympathetic to the poor. Democrats won't let voters forget that. He argued Republicans either have to pass this specific bill or take responsibility for the negative effects of Obamacare.

"What that means is people don't have insurance they don't go to the doctor".