'The Bachelor' Runner-Up Raven Gates Is Heading to 'Bachelor in Paradise'

'The Bachelor' Runner-Up Raven Gates Is Heading to 'Bachelor in Paradise'

It's enough to make you wonder. does Raven have it all tied up? Her chemistry with Nick has been outstanding.

Nick's search for his soul mate is nearly over, and after many tears, drama and surprises, it has come down to two fascinating women. The "forever" bachelor apparently needs somebody to calm his nerves down. Here's everything you need tonight about the final episode.

When Vanessa finally enters, dad is thrilled that he ditched the glasses as he tells Vanessa he wants to know "everything" about her. After months of searching and waiting, we are proud to announce that The Bachelor 2017 victor is none other than...Vanessa Grimaldi! .

Raven joins Nick on stage to discuss their break-up. This actually happened. They ride up to a cabin deep in the woods and they meet Santa Claus.

Viall then got down on one knee and asked Grimaldi to marry him. Vanessa instantly starts doubting the depth of their relation and seems upset.

Vanessa and Nick had an equally romantic, but much more chilly date.

Viall, 36, felt a connection with Grimaldi, a special education teacher from Canada, early on, telling ABC News that he thought she was "stunning".

And as icing on the cake, Rachel Lindsay will return one more time before her debut as The Bachelorette. Raven finds a fan in Nick's family as well. ABC's official synopsis states: A cautious Vanessa leaves Nick's parents anxious when she can't say whether she would be ready to accept a proposal. Nick goes first and tells Vanessa that he loves her and he's been falling in love with her since the second rose ceremony. Choosing between the two remaining bachelorettes certainly wasn't easy, as he had strong feelings for both Raven and Vanessa. "So thank you for taking another chance on love".

Despite the couple's previous hesitation to commit due to differences over where to live, Viall continued, "When I look at you, all I see is my future".

My personal opinion aside, let's get into those sweet deets about whom Nick chose. "I want to say yes, I just want to make sure that Nick is ready to love me". She will be the one to call the shots and pick the man of her dreams.

The Bachelor 2017 After The Final Rose airs on ABC this evening with an all new Monday, March 13, 2017, season 21 episode and we have your The Bachelor After The Final Rose recap below.

How she finds time with so many things on her plate we have no idea.

ET caught up with former Bachelor Chris Soules on Friday, who revealed that he might also be heading to Paradise.

Even though Raven does not win The Bachelor Season 21 finale, she has won millions of hearts.