'The Walking Dead' Recap 7×13: Kingdom, Come

The Walking Dead

Warning: This article contains spoilers from "The Walking Dead" Season 7 episodes.

Tension had been ramping up all season for a deadly confrontation between the Kingdom and Negan's goons, who had maintained an uneasy peace up until now thanks largely to King Ezekiel's (Khary Payton) apparently infinite supply of patience for the Saviors' shenanigans.

Morgan went straight to Richard, who was quick to point out that he volunteered himself for the kill. It is safe to say that Morgan has officially given up on his pacifism. We see flashes of his old self come out, and then a coldness as he puts the pieces together and sees what really happened. Even with a two-hour finale, I'm starting to worry that they're not actually going to resolve this interminable Saviors plotline this season but will leave us with a cliffhanger mid-way through the battle - or even before the battle begins, which is probably where I quit watching the show. Absolutely. But his philosophy, that we should meet people with an open hand instead of a fist, I think he still believes that. When they make the drop, they're one cantaloupe short of The Saviors order (what is this, Fresh Direct?), and shoot Benjamin, Ezekiel's surrogate son, to teach them a lesson, and hey, tomorrow you better bring back that missing cantaloupe. After lashing out, he found the missing melon and realized Richard was the perpetrator.

And Morgan wasn't done there.

After Morgan has a mental breakdown, he confides in Carol and tells her the truth Daryl kept from her. If this is what it takes to get King Ezekiel onboard with Rick's plan, then it definitely is worth it. She told him to stay in her house.

The episode concludes when Carol, now firmly back at the Kingdom, joins Ezekiel and Benjamin's kid brother Henry.

AMC's The Walking Dead, now on the home stretch of its seventh season, paid homage to its past during Sunday's deadly episode, which also featured a rather fitting family connection.

Richard, who's been a big advocate for the Kingdom to go to war against the Saviors, crafted a plan for the Saviors to kill him. Carol got the information she needed and is ready, too. He then goes on a walker killing spree before visiting Carol to explain everything to her. It was all a scheme of Richard's to force a confrontation with The Saviors. It took several seasons for Morgan to get back on track.

Richard explains that he feels responsible for his daughter's death at a government camp a while back and didn't want to delay action any longer.

Morgan told Rick that he was unable to shoot his reanimated wife and his son Duane was frozen, as well.

Little do they know, Richard totally dug this grave. And yes, he's taken a life in quite a brutal way, but I think he's aware of the life he's taken, and he's aware of what it means to have taken that life and what he thinks could happen on the other side of it. It was such a severe change from the Carol we'd grown to know and love - the fearless warrior who protected those she cared for fiercely.

"Negan killed Glenn and Abraham", Morgan said.

Benjamin's death may not have a great impact on the audience, but the loss is felt at the Kingdom, and especially by his aikido mentor Morgan (Lennie James). They've successfully been offering up their tributes every week, but things have been a bit more tense lately. But she refused and told him to go to the drop, which is, of course, where he died.

"The Walking Dead" Season 7 Episode 14 will air at 9 p.m. on March 19.