Here's Why You Should Care About the Dutch Election

Geert Wilders debates Netherlands' prime minister Mark Rutte | Yves German  AFP via Getty Images

Instead voters will return Prime Minister Mark Rutte and the center-right People's Party for Freedom and Democracy to power. "The people are feeling very delicate right now", one man said, referring to the row with Turkey.

Mr Rutte has called on Dutch voters to use the election to draw a line in the sand over the spread of populism. Now it's important to bring our country together and form a stable government'. For all the fretting about the potential spread of populism across the US, Britain, and greater Europe, the visual shows the shortcomings of comparing the rise of populism in the US and Britain to other countries.

Support for the party appears to have evaporated and it was predicted to lost 29 seats to hold on to just nine.

The big worldwide story of the campaign was the rise of Geert Wilders, a far-right anti-Islam politician and leader of the Party for Freedom (PVV).

The famously liberal hotbed in northern Europe has always been seen as something of a testing ground for whether a far-right populist surge that sprung up past year will dominate the continent in 2017. Where will you go? 'We have won seats!

If Wilders does win, it will be a challenge to find other parties willing to join him in forming a new coalition government. That's a result to be proud of'.

Mr Wilders' populist message resonated among a proportion of voters who are fed up with the mainstream and who worry about an erosion of Dutch identity. The Party of Freedom will nearly certainly not be a part of the new government, as every other party has vowed not to work with Wilders.

He also pointed to the "disastrous" showing of the traditional Labour party, Rutte's sole partner in the outgoing coalition. "They may not support Geert Wilders, but they are fed up with the criminality, perpetuated mainly by youngsters who lack the benefit of a proper education", said another man, who also asked not to be named. "While we are focusing on the causes of the refugee crisis, you're wasting all your attention on your Koran police", Rutte said. The surging CDA Christian Democrats claimed 20. But it is a clear ideology that addresses concerns of a substantial group of the Dutch. Biggest victor in the election was green-left GroenLinks, which gained 11 seats from its current four.

Politicians from both countries were quick to congratulate the Netherlands for staving off populist policies which overturned the US election and the U.K.'s European Union referendum. In the Netherlands that noise was stopped'.

The biggest victor was the far-left Green Leaf Party, which quadrupled its number of seats to 16. "No, impossible" he told me. "But every time another person comes and then another one. then it's really hard to defend yourself", student Khadiga Kallouh, 22 said.

Rutte plus the CDA and D66 would comprise 71 seats of the 76 needed for a parliamentary majority.