Stefanik opposes Trump plan to eliminate National Endowment for the Arts funding

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Trump's calls to eliminate the endowments completely, along with both the Institute of Museum and Library Services and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (an important source of funding for both PBS and NPR), is a worst case scenario for many in the art and culture worlds.

The same fate would also befall the National Endowment for the Humanities, which funds dozens of scholarly programs in California. The influence of those cuts could impact many more than just the folks at CCAHA - it would impact anyone who was trying to preserve history at a local level (and a low cost).

While the Arts Council isn't exclusively funded by the NEA, it does rely on that support.

"If we didn't have that, that program wouldn't exist", he said.

Tuerk also says it would've been more responsible if the president had waited until he finalized tax reform that might stimulate taxpayers to support the arts, rather than tying the NEA cuts to a budget created to bolster defense.

"The arts herald diversity", said Pallone to the Asbury Park Press on Monday, March 13.

President Donald Trump's budget would also cut the Department of Education's $68 billion budget by $9 billion. NEH is the federal agency that makes local programs like "A Journey through Vietnam" possible, through grant making across the nation and core funding to state humanities councils like ours.

Hyyppa was most concerned that it keep up its early childhood education programs, which are so popular they have a dedicated channel, airing shows 24/7 aimed at pre-kindergarten-age children.

East Lynne, like some other theater companies, brings programs into schools that have already suffered cuts.

"We reach nearly every county", Cinda Holt, the council's interim co-director, said.

The NEA recently celebrated its 50th year supporting the arts. He said that the endowment has a "vigorous" vetting process for sorting potential grantees and noted that projects can use a grant from the NEH to raise funding elsewhere.

It was the first time a president has called for ending the endowments.

"The loss of federal funding affects our overall operating and programming budget significantly", Susanna Pollack, Games for Change President, told Kotaku. For many, though, a depriving youth access to the arts takes away something essential about what it means to be American, and even what it means to be human. We also provide much-needed grant funding for local nonprofits and educational institutions, enabling them to address critical issues, like housing discrimination, through the lens of the humanities. Find us on Facebook. "We could do all that because of the grant".

Marianne K. Lods, CMSM Executive Director talks about Clay College Ceramic Art Studio at Cumberland County College downtown Millville campus Thursday Feb 23, 2017. The two endowments combine for an annual budget of $300 million; total annual budgetary discretionary spending is $1.1 trillion, according to the New York Times. That money could decrease when the council reaches its next fiscal budget in July.

Barnes says if these cuts go through, they would likely have to cut staff, but the museum would survive.

Roy Steinberg, producing artistic director of Cape May Stage, said that there would certainly be ramifications of the proposal in South Jersey.

Arts United helps connect the dots between arts organizations and the community and government so that the arts "are resourced in a way that will allow them to serve in the role of building the quality of place that we want to have", Ross said. "It all trickles down". In 2016, we directly served almost 52,000 people of all ages and backgrounds, from students to teachers and incarcerated populations.