Banks says he'll support new health-care bill, with changes

House Budget Committee Chair Diane Black R-Tenn. right joined at left by Rep. Todd Rokita R-Ind. and panel staff member Jim Bates center works on the Republican health care bill on Capitol Hill in Washington Thursday March 16 2017. (AP

I understand the question, and it's mostly conservatives who ask it: Why do we have to replace the Unaffordable Care Act at all? Wisconsinites need a health care system that lowers costs, protects consumers and offers everyone access to quality care.

No matter how much states spend on Medicaid, any cuts in federal reimbursements would force them to reduce spending on other programs or raise taxes, or both.

The switch to per-capita aid might not hurt NY if the state keeps Medicaid growth below national health care inflation-which Cuomo has done for several years now.

"I'm thankful for our current administration", she said.

Americans are faced with lots of rhetoric about health care today and what Washington is doing about it - some factual and some not.

Pyle, who believes ACA was a lifesaver for her and her family after she was diagnosed with two autoimmune disorders, has a different take. "That's fundamentally inaccurate for me, given my situation". But moderate Republicans are balking over the CBO's findings that millions more people would lack coverage even while premiums in many cases could rise.

They are older people nearing retirement who will see their premiums skyrocket. Already this year, Denver Health is trying to trim $48 million from its budget because of expected cuts to the hospital provider fee, a complicated mechanism to pay back hospitals for taking in poor and low-income patients that has also become embroiled in state Capitol budget fights. According to the report, more than one-third of African-Americans now get their health insurance through Medicaid and 1 in 10 of them would lose coverage under the GOP plan.

Their comments came as President Donald Trump and House leaders seek to win support from GOP skeptics as prospects for the bill remain wobbly.

The Hospital Association worries that if the Republican healthcare plan passes as is, those low contributions to IL could be locked in until 2026.

Last week, Republican Gov. Nathan Deal said changes to ACA shouldn't "punish" the 19 states, including Georgia, that refused to expand Medicaid coverage.

To the editor: The linchpin of our health insurance dilemma is the mandate.

Anderson fears some children could lose health care coverage under the GOP proposal.

Debate in Congress about the fate of Obamacare should begin with this truth: The Affordable Care Act in its current form is disintegrating, and without a substantive fix Americans across the economic spectrum will either lose their health insurance or be priced out of using their policies.

Why does health care in Northern California cost more?

One-third of America has just one exchange insurer to choose from, and in some places none.

She said she also is anxious about the fate of rural hospitals, where Medicaid is a big deal. He also said the bill will have negative effects on Medicare, the separate federal health insurance program for people age 65 and older.

About 150-170,000 people in Iowa gained coverage through the Medicaid expansion, they won't necessarily automatically loose coverage, that's to be determined, but the state won't get the same amount of money that they did for those people. The answer, it turns out, is health insurance. "It's just too early to say".

The bottom line: NY could handle the reduction in Medicaid without a fiscal crisis and without forcing anyone from the program.