Russell Westbrook, Steph Curry Mix It Up During Warriors-Thunder Fight

Triple-double jeopardy

Not that jump-ball sequence.

The Warriors and Thunder have plenty of reason to dislike each other.

Russell Westbrook said his scuffle with Steph Curry during the Oklahoma City Thunder's defeat to the Golden State Warriors was about protecting his team-mates. Russell Westbrook quickly intervened and the incident escalated from there. And Golden State's perimeter firepower and defensive intensity is an undeniable bug-a-boo for young OKC.

But those moments aren't almost as telling as what happened next.

Pachulia, on the other hand, was a minus-8 in a game the Warriors won by 25 - not great.

While Golden State was far from at its best offensively, defensively it was able to take the Thunder out of their game and frustrate Oklahoma City.

Thoroughly outplaying the Thunder for the fourth time this season, Golden State defeated Oklahoma City 111-95. Durant has been out since February with a left knee injury and sat on the bench with his team. That seemed to fall right into the Warriors' game plan. KD's departure. Off-court words. While the Warriors have been fairly quiet in public towards Westbrook and the Thunder, they played like they wanted to prove something tonight.

But the need to beat the Warriors is more important. Even without Durant on Monday, it didn't make a difference as the Warriors swept the season series 4-0. Needed to see they were up to the task. Yet from a basketball standpoint, the Thunder are just not in the same class as the Warriors.

The media has not been playing up this game as much as the previous meetings, but that is obvious with the NCAA March Madness now taking center stage. Sure, there were a few bad decisions and ugly shots, but the Thunder largely got shots that it liked.

For all we know, it was. The Warriors shot 48.2 percent from the floor despite All-Star Draymond Green not hitting a shot. They play the Warriors, Rockets and Spurs in the next 12 days. "By all means, we can't go around them or go on the side of them". So much firepower. hard to cover everyone. At this point, it is unclear whether Durant will sit on the bench or watch the game from the training room.

Instead, open looks abounded for Thompson and Curry.

This all came on the heels of a fight with OKC's Semaj Christon.

That's because Durant was a terror against Golden State's defense in a way that Westbrook never was. They host the KD-less Warriors again Monday, then face the Beard's Rockets next weekend.

The play itself is interesting, as I believe it was some set play that was blown up when Victor Oladipo busted up the handoff to Iguodala right at the start, and when Westbrook denied the initial passes to Curry. "We've gotta learn from the game and adjust".