Google details Android O developer preview

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Google is known to introduce its new Android iteration, which is names of desserts in an alphabetical order, and kickstart a guessing game. It's a lot to absorb, but the biggest change seems to be limiting apps in the background, with a focus on improving battery life overall. Apps that support PIP will let you continue watching a video even when being interrupted by another app, such as when receiving a call.

Google has yet to confirm the existence of Android 8.0 Oreo but this isn't stopping the Android community from speculating about it.

One year after surprising us with an Android N announcement, Google has repeated itself with Android O. Starting from Android O, users will also have the option to configure a default password manager with new autofill APIs (Nice!). The live icon feature will be much more than just the Calendar though, so that will be cool as well.

There are two big things happening in notifications.

Picture-in-picture support will allow users to watch a video (shameless YouTube channel promotion) while using another app. Android O is also to come with new features like picture-in-picture mode and a smart AI-based text selection toolbar, which would make copy-and-pastes easier than ever. Additionally, Android O can animate icons when they're touched. So a similar integration will be seen across multiple apps like the Calendar app icon to display dates and more. Not only has Google refused to offer the complete the cycle of Nougat updates for the device, the company has taken its old flagship backwards.

The adaptive icons can be used with app shortcuts, and they can also be set up inside the Settings app, along with sharing dialogs and the overview screen. The camera is incredible, it's guaranteed to always have the latest Android version, security updates keep dropping like clockwork, and there are several other advantages to having a Google-branded Android smartphone. That means you'll access your apps by swiping up from the bottom of the screen, and the search widget on the home screen is a smaller "G" that's pinned to the left side of the screen. As Google notes, this is a "significant change", but the benefit for the end user will - hopefully - be better battery life on just about any device. Until then, from time to time the new information that arrives on this future version of the operating system will appear in the network. You can see what Google means in the image above. Additional minor capabilities announced today include support for wide-gamut colour apps, keyboard navigation within apps, support for new Wi-Fi features and improved system audio throughput.