Donations to Meals on Wheels Spike After White House Proposes Cuts

Houston Activists and Organizations Warn Trump Budget Cuts Could Kill Senior Citizens

Here in Stanislaus County, Meals on Wheels supports local seniors aged 60 and over by providing excellent meals in a home delivery system. The meals are delivered by armies of volunteers, typically through a nonprofit senior center, or other community organization.

Iseminger said capping grants would help the state budget, but expenses have increased over time-a senior meal went from $6.02 in 2007 to $8.59 in 2015.

However, Ray points out, many local branches actually get a much larger chunk of their funds from that program. A 2013 study showed that spending on services like Meals on Wheels was associated with less reliance on institutionalized care, because more people could live independently. "And they all understand that it makes more sense if these individuals can stay at home, living with independence and dignity".

How can the community help us? "When they were talking about eliminating some of the money to the Meals on Wheels program, that's in the Community Development Grant".

"We had (Mulvaney) basically say he did not think Meals on Wheels was an effective program", Heitkamp said.

Included in that budget were funding cuts to dozens of social programs, including one that provides some funding to Meals on Wheels. Meals On Wheels gets 35 percent of their funding from that department.

"Meals on Wheels is an important provider in our community that is dedicated to addressing senior hunger and isolation", Mowery said.

This is not true.

But by far, the biggest source of federal funding for Meals on Wheels programs comes from another source: the Older Americans Act Nutrition Program, which is run by the Department Of Health and Human Services.

Jacobson says the proposed cuts could impact a portion of their budget, but it's too soon to know.

"We can serve someone for about a year on Meals on Wheels for about $1,700".

Meals on Wheels provides food to millions of Americans in need.

But in the south, and particularly rural parts of the south, the cuts could be amplified by high levels of food insecurity, according to Hunger Free America, a non-profit New York-based advocate group that aims to end domestic hunger.

"If we didn't deliver the meals sometimes that person that receives the meal we're the only person they see so we do socialization along with delivering the meals". He is launching a war on people in poverty. We can't spend money on programs just because they sound good.