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Trump thumps Freedom Caucus over health care

The Ryancare Route — Winning by Losing

Tennessee Republican Sen. Bob Corker took issue Thursday morning with Ryan's apparent concerns about the president working with members across the aisle.

With no Democrats backing the bill, Republicans could only lose about 20 votes so House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., and Trump made a decision to pull the bill Friday afternoon instead of see it defeated on the floor. "This is not how it works", Amash told reporters on his way to his office.

Leadership said they are looking to work with lawmakers throughout the party on a bill they can all get behind.

"This bill doesn't fully repeal Obamacare, this bill doesn't lower premiums and probably most importantly this bill doesn't unite Republicans and the American people, as evidenced by the fact that only 17 percent of the country supports this legislation". Texas Rep. Ted Poe, one of the original members of the caucus, resigned from the group this week after the failure of the GOP health care bill, voicing disagreement with how the group handled negotiations.

She said she voted for Trump because "there needed to be change", adding, "It's not going to be easy". "The leader schedules the floor".

Equally damaging was a widely held belief that rooms filled with white Republican men were deciding what womens health care would look like under the new plan. Lindsey Graham of SC said.

Within an hour of Trump's tweet, another member of the caucus Rep. John Amash, R-Mich., fired back on Twitter by saying Trump had already succumbed to the establishment in Washington, something the president railed against during his campaign.

On Tuesday, House Speaker Paul Ryan emerged from a closed-door meeting of the Republican conference with the intent to pass a measure.

Davidson, R-Troy, the newest member of Ohio's congressional delegation and a member of the Freedom Caucus said he is concerned about the tone of Trump's tweet. The group had gone nearly entirely around House leadership and negotiated directly with Trump ahead of the bill being pulled. Sarah Sanders, a spokeswoman, said, "The tweet speaks for itself".

One member of the conservative group said they'd done the right thing.

Rep. Dave Brat of Virginia, a caucus member, said the group is talking with other Republicans about reviving the bill in a conversation not being led by GOP leaders.

Calls to members of the caucus were not immediately returned.

Democrats have said that they would be interested in making changes to the Affordable Care Act provided that Republicans stop trying to repeal it.

With midterm elections coming next year, Wasson said he planned to vote again for his congressman, Rep. Rod Blum of Dubuque - a sentiment echoed by other voters whose representatives opposed the bill. "I hope we do something next week", she said. The panel will work closely with House leadership on the tax bill.

Immediately after House Republicans' pitiful attempt at health care reform failed, the conventional wisdom-pushed by Trump himself-was that the White House was moving on, and fast.

House Republicans are scheduled to meet Tuesday to discuss their agenda.

The mistrust between the White House and hardline conservatives in Congress has cast a pall over the next big item on the Republican agenda, tax reform.

There remains, however, the question of whether Republicans really want to repeal ObamaCare.