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UK publishes White Paper to replace EU law post-Brexit

President Donald Trump signs an Energy Independence Executive Order. AP

"It's not a threat", Brexit minister David Davis told BBC radio after warnings from Brussels against using security as a bargaining chip in the talks.

In her six-page letter triggering article 50, which was formally presented to Tusk by the UK's ambassador to the EU, Sir Tim Barrow, on Wednesday, May said she believed it was "necessary to agree the terms of our future partnership alongside those of our withdrawal from the European Union".

Critics accused the Prime Minister of trying to make a trade-off between security and commerce.

She added: "This is not a threat to the rest of Europe, it would be a serious act of self-harm". "It's absolutely not a threat". That prompted claims that May was threatening to use the safety of United Kingdom and European citizens as a bargaining chip in Brexit talks.

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While the government says it would only use such powers to clean up technical issues, opposition lawmakers fear the Conservative government could bypass Parliament to water down worker rights and environmental protections introduced in Britain during four decades of European Union membership.

If I may, Prime Minister, I would like to give you one tip: European politics is a different ball game to British politics.

Britain launched the process to leave the European Union yesterday, saying there was no turning back from the historic move that has split the country and thrown the bloc's future into question.

In columns published across a series of European publications, the British Prime Minister writes that a good exit deal for Britain from the European Union (EU) was in "all our interests".

"The European Council will monitor progress closely and determine when sufficient progress has been achieved to allow negotiations to proceed to the next phase" on a future relationship", the draft guidelines say.

In any event, any deal made with Britain over the next two or three years will have to be approved by the European Parliament. A strong, independent country needs control of its own laws.

Mr Davis said the Great Repeal Bill would give businesses, workers and consumers "certainty" in the aftermath of leaving the EU.

In her letter, May repeated that the vote for Brexit was not meant to harm the EU, and said she wanted a "new deep and special relationship with a strong European Union".

Britain delivered the withdrawal letter Wednesday to EU Council President Donald Tusk in Brussels.

Merkel, however, blocked the plea stating that Britain must first clarify as to how it plans to untangle itself from the commitments, rights and duties which the nation had entered into 44 years ago.

"We must not forget that the United Kingdom is still a partner in North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and in Europe", a spokeswoman for German Chancellor Angela Merkel said.

Davis, who will be Britain's chief negotiator in Brussels during the two-year negotiation process, said the rights of British expats would be the first priority in Brexit talks.

Pittella said: "It would be outrageous to play with people's lives in these negotiations. There may then be a period when we are implementing those arrangements". The plan is for it to be passed ahead of the UK's exit from the European Union but to become law only on the date of departure.