House Freedom Caucus must 'get on the team'

Republican AHCA makes health care unaffordable

His vote won over Mary Broecker, president of the Oldham County Republican Women's Club and a strong proponent of a full-blown repeal of the 2010 law. Repealing Obama's law has been a paramount GOP campaign promise that helped them grab control of the House that year, the Senate in 2014 and elected Donald Trump to the White House last November. Ten moderate Republicans opposed the legislation and every Democrat was expected to vote against it.

But Ryan on Thursday said he was sympathetic to the president's angry tweet, which came a day after a number of outside conservative groups met with White House senior officials to discuss the president's agenda, including the failed health bill.

Turns out when Trump tweeted early Thursday morning that we "must fight" the Freedom Caucus in 2018, that wasn't just idle time-wasting while he was sitting on the can. "Paul Ryan and the leadership in the Senate will own Obamacare after this". "There is also a real prospect that all 230,000 Tennesseans who buy insurance on the exchange-approximately 195,000 with a subsidy-won't have any plans to buy next year either, and millions of Americans in other states are facing the same dire circumstances".

Seeking to head off another shutdown fight, GOP leaders and the appropriations committees are working behind the scenes on a bill to enact the remaining 11 spending bills at previously agreed to spending levels that conservatives opposed in the past.

Yet the same voters who backed their local lawmaker for opposing the bill showed patience with Trump. I know he wants to get things done with the Republican Congress, but if this Republican Congress allows the flawless to be the enemy of the good, I worry we'll push the president into working with the Democrats. They chose to think and act like an oppositional minority, instead of a majoritarian political movement.

Republicans are hoping to revive the healthcare bill so it can be completed before House lawmakers move on to the hard task of trying to pass a comprehensive tax reform measure. Some argue he was too willing to accept pieces of "Obamacare.".

Two Republican lawmakers, describing plans on the condition of anonymity, said Wednesday that House leaders would consider working into the weekend, although it was unclear what changes would be made to the Republicans' health bill. Those will indicate what markets they intend to serve in 2018 and what premiums they'd like to charge. This strategy is why we now revere Ronald Reagan as one of the best presidents in American history. The House wanted to pass it in three weeks, which would be a rush for a bill naming a courthouse. "The issue's not dead, they'll return to it. I share his frustration", said Ryan.

U.S. Rep. Ken Buck took some heat last Friday for refusing to reveal his position on the Republican health care plan that collapsed before ever getting a vote.

Becker said she hopes Trump will rethink his criticism after reading the letter from OH conservatives.

In the House, the Republicans' failure to repeal the Affordable Care Act has reopened some old divisions in the party.

That's the lesson Trump took from this experience: Democrats whose motto is "Resist!" would be more reasonable partners to work with than the Freedom Caucus.

OH tea party members, state representatives, and other conservative leaders responded to Trump's tweets with a letter to the White House asking the president to "work with members of the Freedom Caucus, not against them".

There has been a lot of different finger-pointing after the collapse of the bill, and nearly all of it is right. To his credit, he has stood with the Speaker through the debacle, saving his ire for the Freedom Caucus, and rightly so.