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Senate kills family-planning rule; Mike Pence breaks tie

Maryland lawmakers approve bill to preserve funding for Planned Parenthood

The vote was mostly along party lines, although two Republican senators, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Susan Collins of ME, voted with the Democrats against the resolution.

Grinning like a Cheshire cat that just got the mouse, the vice president effectively passed the bill allowing allow states to withhold federal Title X from health care clinics like Planned Parenthood or reasons having nothing to do with the quality of care they provide.

But in some states, Title X is a major source of funding for Planned Parenthood, and Planned Parenthood might be one of the only providers of family planning services in a county or region. "We only need one more vote to stop this bill, which would allow states to dramatically reduce access for women to essential health care services".

The Senate recently voted to overturn former President Barack Obama's last-ditch effort to save the health care provider from the Republican government.

The Title X Family Planning Program was originally created by Richard Nixon in 1970 in order to ensure that adequate, affordable family planning services were available to all Americans. The House passed the resolution in February.

Scott did not respond to emails and telephone calls for comment on the bill.

Now that they have a president of their own party in the White House, congressional Republicans have effectively killed off seven regulations with the CRA, including regulations keeping coal companies from dumping waste into streams and waterways and a rule requiring the Social Security Administration to report to the federal firearms background check system when some beneficiaries have been deemed mentally impaired. Participants from across the country gathered in a show of support for Planned Parenthood, the family-planning group in the crosshairs of the budget battle blazing in Congress, where a federal shutdown is looming. "I think the bigger story with this vote is that there is real strong signal that there a political will actually in the Senate to follow through and actually defund Planned Parenthood".

Their main concern is that federal money is being used to provide abortions, although the grants are specifically barred from funding those procedures.

What this doesn't deal with, however, is the flow of federal funds to Planned Parenthood. "That's why Senate Democrats vote NO".

"We should all be aware there is more headed our way", Murray said on the Senate floor. James Lankford, R-Okla. "States could choose to have Planned Parenthood as part of their Title X funding states should not be compelled to".

Reproductive health advocates fear that this legislation will have a devastating effect on American women, and marginalized populations in particular. The rule forbids states from withholding Title X grants from healthcare providers who provide abortion services.

Republicans targeted Planned Parenthood because it offers abortion services. States had been instead looking to fund other health clinics. She and co-author Rep. Diane Black, R-Tennessee, promised
further action.

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And, as Vox noted, attempts by state governments in places like Kansas and Texas to keep Title X funding from Planned Parenthood have only resulted in fewer women getting care: In Texas alone, access to effective birth control decreased and births among women on Medicaid increased by 27 percent.