Motives for North Korea's latest missile test

Analysis: Motives for North Korea's Latest Missile Test

On the eve of President Donald Trump's first face-to-face meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, a new survey has found that Americans' feelings towards the top Communist leader was "largely negative". The currency charge goes to the heart of Trump's trade-fueled China rhetoric, based on the notion that Beijing is artificially holding down the value of the yuan to make its exports more competitive-at the expense of US and other firms.

North Korea has carried out its latest missile launch ahead of a US-China meeting where Kim Jong-Un's aggression is expected to be high on the agenda.

What the Trump administration's next steps regarding North Korea will be is anybody's guess among Washington's foreign policy experts at this point, especially when it comes to a possible understanding with China. He assured Mr. Xi during their first substantial phone call that he supported the one-China policy, reversing a hint that he might not.

North Korea fired a ballistic missile on Wednesday from its east coast into the sea off the Peninsula, South Korea's military said, ahead of a summit between USA and Chinese leaders who are set to discuss Pyongyang's arms programme.

The North is banned from any missile or nuclear tests by the United Nations, though has repeatedly broken those sanctions, the BBC also said. "China respects the US side's arrangements", she said. And on a recent trip to Asia, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson reminded the region that the US also retains the option of pre-emptive military force.

Trump has said he expects the meeting to be a hard one given his belief that China has taken advantage of United States trade policies to help its economy and hurt USA job creation.

"You're looking at a situation where the North Koreans are particularly sophisticated", said Park. Most North Korean missiles use liquid propellant, which generally must be added to the missile on the launch pad before firing.

The U.S. Treasury says it is "premature" to comment on the outcome of its currency review and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin has said it will adhere to past practice in its assessment, suggesting that radical changes will not be made in this publication.

"North Korea fired a projectile into the East Sea from a site in the vicinity of Sinpo, South Hamgeyong Province, this morning", the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) said.

The reclusive state has also conducted two nuclear weapons tests since January 2016. The launch also came amid ongoing annual South Korea-U.S. military drills that North Korea usually responds to with its own military training and missile tests.

There are also geopolitical concerns linked to North Korea's growing nuclear programme, with Trump warning he would be prepared to sideline Beijing in dealing with the rogue state.

Instead, Trump might seek more openness to Chinese markets.

"That program represents an important increase in the operational capability of North Korea's missile force", Jeffrey Lewis, of the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, Calif., said before the Pentagon update. China fears a North Korean regime collapse would lead to a refugee crisis and may bring the USA military presence closer to its borders.

But Dollar and other experts said they feared the U.S. had already weakened its negotiating position before even arriving at the negotiating table.

So can Trump succeed where his predecessors have failed? -Chinese meetings in the 1970s, said an informal summit with Xi allows for strategy and red lines to be exchanged. While some analysts expect the two sides to keep friction to a minimum by following an agreed-upon script, others worry Trump's past harsh criticism of China and mounting dissatisfaction with Beijing in American business circles auger ill for the summit. "I don't anticipate some kind of surprising deviation from that", the official said.