Prison Break season 1-4

Prison Break's Dominic Purcell and Robert Knepper Unlock 7 Secrets of the New Series

LOS ANGELES | Just when you thought the "Prison Break" brothers were gone, they're back. Now the big mystery revolving around the show was the return of Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller), who we all know died at the end of season four.

Now known as Kaniel Outis, the new season will explore what Michael could have possibly been through so that he now no longer wants to know his past self. So Michael, a structural engineer, conceives of the idea on breaking into prison by committing a crime so he can break his brother out.

In addition to Michael coming back to life, his wife Sara will also make an appearance, despite being beheaded in 2007. He's then offered a deal he can't refuse from a mysterious benefactor.

There are only two brothers and Sarah Wayne Callies who returns.

Sure, it went into pantomime territory pretty regularly after the tight and nervy premise of Season 1, but the sheer momentum of any season of Prison Break could keep things going.

During the panel, the producers and the cast spoke about how important it was not to bring this back just for the sake of doing it.

In the 12 years since the OG series aired, a lot has changed, most notably: their ages. He comes to see Sarah, saying he wasn't in the right head space to see her or his nephew but now it was impossible to stay away. However, fans were thrown for a loop when Michael spoke for the first time. Until I, or someone else, can come up with something that's really worthwhile for the audience, you have to say goodbye to these people.

T-Bag is in a hotel room when he gets a notification, about a prosthetic research appointment. Well this season looks like it'll finally be able to up the ante.

Tell us what you think! He also ended up ruining her life.

Every trace of Michael on the internet has been replaced with a picture of another man. Lincoln drops a Legends of Tomorrow reference when he says, "they are erasing him from history'". Sara tells her former brother-in-law that she doesn't believe Michael is alive, and he goes off to do some digging, literally. When the reboot picks up it's seven years later, he's in this prison in Yemen and he's nearly unrecognizable. After Fox River in the USA and Sona in Panama, the brothers will be busting their way out of a Yemen penitentiary in the new series. "But determining that he exists and that he needs help all the way across the world in Yemen when they're in Ithaca, it takes a minute". He explained, "It's an investment". It depends on how the show does, it depends on a million different variables. Lavi joked about how Miller would go into his trailer and she'd go hang with friends, have lunch and go for a swim, and he'd still be in there, getting them finished. After all, he had to be in on the scheme considering his body was in the casket in the season 4 finale and now it's not. The Golden Globe Award nominee said he shared the set with Dominic Purcell on the first day of filming in Yemen.

Long-term fans of the show will know that we saw #WentworthMiller's Scofield perish at the end of #TV movie Prison Break: The Final Chapter.