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North Korea be warned: Trump Syria strike a message says Tillerson

President Trump welcomes Chinese President Xi Jinping to the Mar-a Lago estate in West Palm Beach Fla. on April 6

Two Chinese statements released directly after the Mar-A- Lago meeting did not mention North Korea by name, even though the country had been expected to dominate discussions, it said.

Up to now, the Chinese position has been that while China enjoys a large trade surplus with the USA, its overall trade surplus is not large, and the surplus with the U.S. is a product of the worldwide division of labour.

Trump, it added, said it was vital for the two heads of state to maintain close ties, and that he agreed the U.S. and China should work together to "expand pragmatic cooperation in a wide range of areas". In line with both USA and Chinese desires, the two countries agreed to a "hundred-day plan" to deal with trade, which would include figuring out ways to increase US exports to China. Last year, two-way trade reached United States dollars 519.6 billion, compared to USD 2.5 billion in 1979 when the two nations established diplomatic ties.

This very important summit in the Mar-a-Lago resort, which started in a rather positive spirit, was soon overshadowed by the usa military strikes against an air base in Syria, following the use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime in Syria.

"From Taiwan's point of view, we don't want Taiwan to become a bargaining chip at their negotiating table", said Lin, who had been a leader of the "Sunflower Movement", a group of student protesters who opposed closer relations between Taiwan and the mainland and occupied the national legislature and premier's officer in 2014.

"President Trump and President Xi agreed to work in concert to expand areas of cooperation while managing differences based on mutual respect", he said. He says Trump has the authority to launch additional strikes against Syria.

Following the Trump-Xi meeting, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had said that China understood how unsafe North Korea's nuclear programme had become and had agreed action must be taken to stop it. If not, we will solve the problem without them!

The U.S. Navy's Third Fleet, in turn, publicly announced that the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier Carl Vinson and a strike force that includes two missile destroyers and a guided-missile cruiser were being diverted north from scheduled port calls in Australia to "maintain readiness and presence in the western Pacific".

"I think at this point the common interest between the USA and China outweigh (North Korea saber-rattling)", Alexander Neill, a senior fellow at the International Institute for Strategic Studies in Singapore, told CNN.

McMaster, Cornyn and Cardin spoke on "Fox News Sunday", Tillerson appeared on ABC's "This Week" and CBS' "Face the Nation", Haley and Graham were on NBC's "Meet the Press" and Haley also appeared on CNN's "State of the Union".

"President Trump noted the importance of adhering to global rules and norms in the East and South China Seas and to previous statements on non-militarisation. He also noted the importance of protecting human rights and other values deeply held by Americans", Spicer said. The two concessions on finance and beef are relatively easy for Beijing to make.

"Trump had every intention to give Xi a front seat to witness America's military might and his own willingness to take swift and decisive actions alone", said analyst Helen Raleigh.

The two sides also agreed to deepen communication and cooperation in military, immigration, health care and many other areas, including Beijing's efforts to pursue fugitives who have fled overseas.

"This visit was a great opportunity for both presidents and their wives to get to know one another, enjoy meals together, and work on important issues. Absolutely nothing", he said to laughs from the delegation. That may well be why Mr. Xi invited Mr. Trump to visit China - certainly not an unusual invitation - but specified that it be within the next eight months.

"President Xi should return home feeling happy", he said.

Xinhua, the state news agency, on Saturday called the strike the act of a weakened politician who needed to flex his muscles.

At present, foreign investors can not hold a majority stake in securities and insurance companies in China.

"And I think, truly, progress has been made".

Since his election Trump has moderated his tough campaign tone towards China, and he welcomed the 63-year-old Xi to Mar-a-Lago's ornate dining room with an open agenda created to enable the pair build a rapport.

China's calls for calm come as tensions have risen with the dispatch of a USA aircraft carrier to the area and the deployment of thousands of US and South Korean troops, tanks and other weaponry for their biggest-ever joint military exercises.

As the two leaders wrapped up a Florida summit overshadowed by U.S. missile strikes in Syria overnight, Xi joined Trump in stressing the positive mood of the meetings while papering over deep differences that have caused friction between the world's two biggest economies. President Trump went from respecting President Putin's intentions in Syria to intervening against him.

The proposed executive order is Trump's latest attempt to follow through on his campaign pledge to go after other countries that take advantage of USA trade policies.