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Trump gave Syria attack order 'during dessert' with Xi Jinping

Trump's Attack on Syria: Wrong for so Many Reasons

Trump also expected Xi to "step up" and help rein in North Korea.

For one, Trump was outspokenly anti-China during his election campaign. He learned from Chinese President Xi Jinping, Trump explained, that China simply can't eliminate North Korea's nuclear capabilities. President, let me explain something to you, ' - this is during dessert - we've just fired 59 missiles, all of which hit by the way.unbelievable.from you know, hundreds of miles away, all of which hit.incredible. I mean, he was saying very good things about me, but I don't have a relationship with him. And when you think about free enterprise it's really not free enterprise.

That exchange has raised eyebrows in some quarters.

It is one thing to disagree with him on a domestic policy issue like banning Muslim tourists or healthcare or building a wall, it is quite another when he issues threats to foreign countries such as Iran and North Korea, and even worse when he orders a missile attack on Syria!

Whilst North Korea is often supported by its neighbour China, the Rogue Nation's increasingly frequent missile and nuclear weapons tests appear to be pushing away its powerful ally.

That lack of experience in politics was a major part of Trump's appeal to voters on the campaign trail. "You've got my full permission". He also said that proves his father and Russian President Vladimir Putin aren't in cahoots; was that a factor in the decision? "Nobody knew health care could be so complicated".

Asked how the Chinese President reacted to the news, Mr Trump said: "He paused for 10 seconds and then he asked the interpreter to please say it again. It's in our mutual interest".

What will we get for bombing Syria besides more debt and a possible long term conflict?

China's abstention from a United Nations resolution condemning the chemical attack in Syria is the most significant sign yet of warmer ties between Xi Jinping and Donald Trump after they met last week. A pragmatic, transactional relationship, he added, "is the best we can hope for".

Well, private citizen Trump had a much different take on that at the time - as did many but not all Republicans rallying to Trump on this action, as Allahpundit pointed out yesterday. "It shouldn't be allowed to happen", Trump said.

Quite apart from the political difficulties, there's another problem - an engineering one.

But the border runs for some 1,900 miles (3,100 km), over mountains, valleys, and rivers.

"The process by which Assad would leave is something that will require an global community effort", Tillerson said, adding that there needs to be a balance between defeating the Islamic State group and stabilizing Syria to prevent the civil war from escalating further. But he and other top administration officials have suggested they would respond to future chemical attacks. A dubious, if not risky claim, not only has that not happened almost four months into his presidency, Trump recently wrote the idea off completely.

In their memorandum, the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) group - comprised of former specialists from the USA military, NSA, CIA, FBI, State Department and other agencies - warned that the threat of conflict with Russian Federation increased after the Shayrat strike. Trump can encourage Congress to move - and reap the praise when legislation lands on his desk.

The president himself seemed to follow suit in April, when he hosted Nato Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at the White House. Now, it is "no longer obsolete".

The Trump administration says it is spending a disproportionate share on defense compared with its 27 partners, and that it expects action by the time Trump meets with other alliance leaders on May 25.