NY Tax Call Center running through filing deadline Tuesday

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Tuesday is the final day to file your taxes if you haven't done so already. The Internal Revenue Service regularly grants extensions to people who need a more time. To cover total federal spending costs, each would need to pay $39,104.43 in taxes for the government to balance its budget. The USPS also is encouraging filers to check what time the mail goes out, if you miss the deadline you may have to file an extension. If you come to realize you just plain need more time to file your taxes, you can buy yourself an extra six months by requesting a tax extension by the April 18 deadline.

Some have suggested that the United States adopt a flat tax, which taxes every person at the same rate, regardless of income bracket. Though I'd recommend that everyone file electronically, it's an especially good idea if you're pressed for time.

Individuals can request an extension by completing Form 4688 available on If no tax is due, then a discharge without escrow should be permitted. Penalties and interest will accrue on any taxes not paid by tomorrow's filing deadline.

If you need more time to get your taxes together, there really isn't too much of a downside to filing for an extension.

Rauschenberger says it's a combination of people filing extensions and fewer people working in the state.

If you zero in on just income taxes, it turns out that the Top 1% paid 38.3% of all federal income taxes, which is almost double their share of 19.6% in 1983.

The due date was pushed to Tuesday, April 18 because April 15 fell on a weekend and Monday is Emancipation Day, a legal holiday for the District of Colombia. IRS will automatically process an extension when taxpayers select Form 4868 and they are making a full or partial federal tax payment using Direct Pay, Electronic Federal Tax Payment System or a debit or credit card by the April due date. But among those who underestimated their incomes and had to pay back some of those tax credits, 62 percent still received a net refund on their taxes.

Not everyone is required to file a tax return.

Property taxes: It's not just your primary home that can qualify, but also your second home and perhaps even your timeshare. Your tax pro is swamped right now and will surely appreciate having more time to finish and review your return when things are less hectic and stressful. If two months pass and you haven't filed, the minimum penalty is $135 or 100% of your unpaid taxes, whichever is smaller, tax filing software provider TurboTax INTU states.

In addition, any payment made with an extension request will reduce or eliminate interest and late-payment penalties that apply to payments made after April 18. You don't have to pay immediately.

A single worker earning an average wage in Belgium ends up paying a tax rate nearly eight times higher than the average single worker in Chile, the OECD found.