Twitter wishes that 'Girls' episode 9 was the real finale

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Last night's series finale of "Girls" felt more like a bottle episode than a culmination of six seasons.

It was a handsome ending.

Dunham also shared a picture of the two costars on the couch about to watch the final episode together. She was doing it - facing her fears, overcoming her frustrations, being in the moment. Marnie responded, "You yelled at me for loving music".

This, along with Hannah's concerns about what kind of man she's capable of raising, made me wish the show had more seasons to portray parenting as realistically as it did the experiences of a certain type of young single woman. How often do we all fantasize about getting back with an ex, only to have it happen and quickly remind us why that relationship ended in the first place? The final image of the show, of Hannah's content expression as Grover finally feeds, goes for poignancy. As our bodies change in pregnancy, so do our minds.

"Ultimately the show didn't end up being a feel good 'yep, it's the friend you're stuck with, the friends you'll have for life.' It ended up being something a little different than that", Dunham said. This was all happening to Hannah. As much as Hannah felt the stress of motherhood, Marnie felt it, too, from picking up the slack, carrying the brunt of the storm, and maintaining a cooler head. Marnie reads off instructions from a book, but Hannah doesn't want her help.

Few fans could imagine Hannah from HBO's "Girls" living a quiet life in Upstate New York, but Lena Dunham always could. Zosia Mamet, who plays Shoshanna, will continue her acting career. Marnie vapes on the front stoop and tries to find moments for herself by Facetiming personal trainers for masturbation material. The specter of manhood exists, with Marnie sex-roleplaying with a guy on Facetime and also the fact that Hannah's kid is a boy, who she actually did name Grover at her baby daddy's suggestion. This time, however, it seems like Marnie has grown enough to understand Hannah.

The name Grover is ideal. Hannah's frustration with Grover's lack of interest in breastfeeding led her to yell at Marnie to stop singing Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car" on their drive home. Hannah's baby is born but it's still early days. They had their ups and downs, too, but I think as friends, maybe because they were older, they were perhaps better matched. Hannah knows this deep down. She's loyal to the point of losing herself, and for the first time it truly feels altruistic rather than a flagrant attempt to prove something.

Hannah's wake up call comes in the form of a teenage girl who she encounters, running and screaming down the road in her underwear. The girl is much like any of the girls from Girls in seasons past. I'm the best at being your friend. But, she writes, "The problem is that "Latching" couldn't take a breather from 'Girls's long-term storytelling; as a series finale, it's automatically a part of that storytelling process - and arguably the most important one". It's unbearable and Hannah tells her so. And per usual, in the end we see Hannah being overly rewarded for just acting, for brief moment, like an actual human being.

Marnie stood as the mix between a dad and a nanny as she took care of the baby to allow Hannah to sleep while she struggled with breastfeeding. She offers the girl her own trousers.

Later, Marnie proceeded to take awkward underwear selfies in the bathroom to Beyonce's "Partition", and Hannah tearfully semi-abandoned Grover.

Mom: "What happened to your trousers?"

The girl ran off wearing Hannah's jeans and a friendly officer then followed pantsless Hannah home. The girl needs to do her thing, figure it out on her own. After Marnie has a discussion with Hannah's mother, she realizes it's time to move on with her own life and yearns to attend law school because she loves "all the rules" it involves. "Marnie, that's the most disgusting thing I've ever heard". And having Hannah, with her all dysfunction, become a mom is an ultimate lesson in growing up. But Grover isn't a symbol to Hannah. Then one night, as the two are sitting in front of a TV playing Full House and eating microwaveable dinners, she floats the idea that she might go to a wine bar the next night, alone. She recognized that the decisions she and the rest of the group had made throughout their friendship weren't always healthy ones, but she was ready to make those in the future. We don't need words here - we see it all on her face. "Really?" He was just like, "No".

Now, to specifics: "Latching" was about latching with her baby, Grover, who refused to accept her nipple to breast feed, setting in motion all of the inherent, neurotic impulses that make Hannah so uniquely Hannah. "I had a feeling I could be someone, be someone".