Winners and losers under the House GOP health bill


Texas Democrat Representative Llyod Doggett accused House Republicans of being willfully ignorant about the consequences this legislation would have, "They know only that the Pied Piper of Trump Tower is playing a tune today, and they must dance".

The vote, which a House Republican aide said was expected on Thursday afternoon, was expected to be close. "I predict that conservative House Republicans won't support the Senate revisions, which means it will ultimately die a slow, painful death".

He continued: "This has really brought the Republic Party together".

But Republicans including Trump have campaigned relentlessly on the pledge to dismantle the 2010 reforms.

Ryan took to the floor ahead of the vote to argue that Obamacare was failing. "We will continue to voice our concerns as the law moves to the Senate".

Still, the bill's passage was arduous. Polls have shown President Barack Obama's health care overhaul - which the GOP bill would largely repeal - has actually gained in popularity as the debate over a replacement health care program has accelerated. House Republicans have "done nothing to cure its underlying problems", he said. Beaten but unbowed, Democrats insisted Republicans will pay at election time for repealing major provisions of the law.

House Democrats had every reason to be disdainful of the version of the American Health Care Act that their Republican colleagues passed on Thursday.

During a press conference with Australia's Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Trump took the opportunity to brag about the legislation, which the Senate already said needs revision. "You will glow in the dark" from the toxic effect of the vote.

"Anybody who has a pre-existing condition will still get coverage, and the premiums will not go up", she said, "because we're going to be able to subsidize the premiums through the federal risk pools". GOP leaders pulled the initial measure before a scheduled vote in late March. "It was important to be here".

Meadows had been working his conservative members to agree to the measure as the vote neared. You can nearly see the color returning to his hair, so rejuvenated by the president's endorsement of his socialist agenda. "I don't see any way that it goes back in the form that it comes". Rob Portman, R-Ohio, released a statement that he is opposed to the bill.

Donnelly said the bill also would eliminate coverage for 400,000 Hoosiers on Medicaid. There are 52 Republicans in the Senate.

Relieved Republicans have pushed their prized health care bill through the House. Rejoicing his victory, he said he was doing quite well as the US President.

As for the bill which is now halfway through Congress, Trump expressed optimism.

"President Trump and Republicans in Congress are rushing through a disastrous plan that threatens health coverage for thousands of New Mexico families". A 60-year-old making $40,000 would get only $4,000 from the Republican plan, instead of an average subsidy of $6,750 from the Affordable Care Act, according the Kaiser study.

"What I can guarantee is that more Americans will be helped by this plan than Obamacare has helped", he said. States can then use federal money to fund government-operated insurance programs for expensive patients called "high-risk pools".

John S. Williams, an attorney in New Orleans whose multiple sclerosis medication costs $70,000 a year, buys insurance through the Affordable Care Act's marketplace.

It would repeal the mandate that larger employers must offer insurance to their employees. About half of Obamacare enrollees obtained insurance through the expansion.

Who would have thought a Trump-approved healthcare bill would make his wallet a little healthier? Those who let their policies lapse can face premium hikes, but the amendment designates $8 billion over five years to offset such increases.

It also required them to cover 10 essential health benefits such as maternity care and prescription drugs.

Durbin's analysis also found the repeal would affect more than 2 million who rely on Medicare - since the bill cuts billions from Medicare. "We're going to finish it off and we're going to go on to a lot of other things".