Amazon Echo Show Unveiled


The 7-inch screen on the new Echo Show enables the speaker to supplement voice responses with visuals and other information displays, similar to the Echo-like features offered on the Fire tablets and Fire TV streaming devices.

Amazon will release the Echo Show on June 28, and the device is up for pre-order now with two color options of black and white.

The Amazon Echo Show comes with a new video calling feature. It's capable of showing notifications, playing internet video, showing lyrics on Amazon Music, and it can also allow conversations between different devices in the same house. All Echo messaging and calling is free.

In comparison, Google Home is expected to account for nearly three times less market share with 23.8%. The Show is about $80 more expensive than the standard Echo, which doesn't have a screen. The new Echo Look features a camera that allows users take photos without having to a phone's camera.

The Echo Show can also display live streams from Netgear's Arlo range as well as Ring cameras using voice controls, and a range of smart home devices from companies like WeMo, Philips Hue and ecobee are also supported. You can do video calling with anyone through its front camera. Your Echo will need a Wi-Fi connection to make calls, but the service is free and doesn't require a phone line.

Amazon dominates the voice-enabled speakers market in the United States with 70.6% share this year.

Amazon has officially unveiled Amazon Echo Show, an Alexa-packing, touchscreen version of its pre-existing Amazon Echo device. It's got the same tech as the standard echo, including the array of noise cancelling microphones.

This is an important capability, and it better positions the Alexa platform, already the digital assistant market leader, to compete with rivals such as Apple Siri, Google Assistant, and Microsoft Cortana.