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UK's Labour Party stung by early leak of election platform


For years, left-wingers have argued that the party has been unsuccessful because it has not offered voters a sufficiently radical alternative to Conservative policies, and that theory looks likely to be tested on June 8.

A senior Labour source said suggestions the manifesto was leaked by Mr Corbyn's team were "categorically and completely untrue".

The Labour candidate in Exeter, Ben Bradshaw, said he had his own manifesto, adding: "Let's get real, it's the Tory manifesto people need to be focusing on, seeing what they'll do in government, and we Labour MPs are trying to save as many good Labour MPs as possible".

The party says the pledges will be paid for out of taxation and redirected revenue.

The manifesto indicates a further levy on firms "with high numbers of staff on very high pay".

The Labour party would automatically guarantee the rights of European Union staff working in health and care services if elected, a draft of its 2017 election manifesto has revealed.

Corbyn this week said the issue was "settled", and it was now a question of getting the best deal for Britain. Labour also plans to set guiding targets for plastic bottle deposit schemes, working with food manufacturers and retailers to reduce waste.

Mr Corbyn will use his speech to a leading global affairs think tank to try to cast off his image as a pacifist unwilling to take military action while denouncing Mrs May's closeness to the Trump administration in Washington.

"We will measure our economic success not by the presence of millionaires, but by the ability of people to make ends meet" - from the leaked draft Labour manifesto.

It is due for its formal publication next week.

In London Ukip will launch its fisheries policy and Green Party co-leader Caroline Lucas will unveil its environment manifesto.

After a torrid day for the Labour campaign on Thursday, Jeremy Corbyn will hope to move on with a speech on national security and foreign policy.

Cameramen and reporters had been waiting for Mr Corbyn's arrival outside a side entrance of the Institute of Engineering in London, a building based near the Strand in central London.

Tories branded the manifesto a recipe for taxes and borrowing which would put the United Kingdom on the "road to ruin".

"I think we are going to see a manifesto which is progressive and for the people of this county".

Leaving the meeting, Unite union boss Len McCluskey said the manifesto was "brilliant" and claimed there was "complete unanimity" among those present about its contents.

Jeremy Corbyn today pulled out of Labour's campaign poster launch as the party descended into chaos following the leak of their general election manifesto.

"We have just unanimously agreed the contents of [the manifesto], we have amended a draft document that was put forward in the most informed, interesting, sensible discussion and debate in our party".